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Devotion [General][edit]

You are a devoted follower of your patron, and are rewarded.
Prerequisite: This must be taken at 1st Level, your Alignment must fit that of the Deity you wish to worship. Limit to 1 Deity per Character to avoid overpowering characters.
Benefit: Under your Deity's Domain(s), you are allowed access to the Greater Power as detailed in the quintessential cleric II.
Normal: You may only access a Deity's Domain if you are a Cleric or a Paladin or something of a similar style.
Special: If your Deity has multiple Domains, you may select a number equal to your Racial HD. For any notation of "1d# per Cleric Level", such as the Death Attack under the Death Domain, consider this to be your Class Level instead if you are not a Cleric.

As a Human, you are granted a single d8 Racial HD and therefore may only select a single Domain from your Deity. However if you are a Race with a LA +2, you are granted 2dx Racial HD and therefore access to two Domains from your Deity.

Humans can use their Racial Bonus Feat to accept a second Domain from their Deity.

Taraaka, a Tigerborn (LA +2) Druid, has practiced and devoted herself to the worship of Shabekhi (Shabekhi_(3.5e_Deity)). Staying true to her Druid lifestyle, Taraaka has been granted access to two of of the Domains that Shabekhi presides over; Weather Domain, Mind Domain, Healing Domain, Oracle Domain, Death Domain, Magic Domain, Plant Domain, and Animal Domain. Taraaka knows that she will be dealing with both Healing and Animals as a Druid, and elects to take those two Greater Powers.

Raj, a Human (LA +1) Fighter, has practiced and devoted himself to the worship of Bane (Bane_(3.5e_Deity)). Staying true to his warrior-intentions, Raj has been granted access to one of the Domains that Bane presides over; Darkness Domain, Death Domain, Evil Domain, and War Domain. Raj knows he will be fighting more and more fearsome foes and elects to take the War Domain, while recognizing that he will also be responsible for taking down the deadliest of enemies later on, and elects to use his Human Racial Bonus Feat to also accept the Greater Power for the Death Domain as well.

Ex-Devotion: Failing to commit and stay true to your Deity's Alignment will forcibly remove the Greater Powers you have gathered from this Feat; You will no longer be able to use them until you return to that Alignment or a similar one that your Deity presides over. Likewise for leaving your Deity for another Deity; You will lose the Greater Powers until you have returned to your former Deity; They are the one to have granted you your Greater Powers, and therefore they are the one to remove or return them.

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