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Dethan's Heartbreak: Dethan’s Heartbreak is a gorgeously wrought greatsword, beautiful enough to be put on display as a work of fine art. It is cursed, and its wielder pays for its gifts with the loss of loved ones. Heartbreak’s powers can instantly make its wielder a formidable warrior, an inspiration to the masses and a compelling statesman. In addition to being a +3 vorpal greatsword, it gives its bearer a +6 enhancement bonus to Charisma.

The greatsword’s favor comes at a heavy price. Every day there is a 10% chance that its curse is triggered. The curse targets a random person that the wielder holds dear—a family member, lover, friend, or other individual personally meaningful to the wielder (at the judgement of the gamemaster)—with a power word kill spell. Distance is not a factor as long as the person is on the same plane as the sword. Once all of the wielder’s meaningful relations are dead, the weapon ceases to work for the bearer, becoming a mere masterwork greatsword.

The mage Dethan Ressler invoked the power of darkness to forge Heartbreak. Seeking vengeance for his daughter’s death at the hands of the local warlord, he created this weapon to destroy all that its wielder held dear. Disguising himself, he appeared in that warlord’s court and surrendered the greatsword under pretense of paying tribute. The warlord, Waslon, was instantly infatuated with Heartbreak and received the gift wholeheartedly. Little did Waslon know that he was committing all that he loved to slaughter. Through unmatched personal power and the ability to draw people to his banner, Waslon slowly carved himself out a bandit nation. But, as his influence grew and his life became increasingly dangerous, his most cherished relations began to die. He became increasingly paranoid of the remaining people around him and he slowly grew insane with grief. In the end, Waslon, a shell of his former self, was killed in battle with the king’s army and his bandit kingdom was laid to waste.

Caster Level: 18th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, death spell, keen edge; Market Price: 170,350 gp; Cost to Create: 85,350 gp + 6,800 XP.

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