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Otherworldly Patron: Denizen of the Deep Blue[edit]

The ocean is home to many gigantic, beautiful creatures of immense size and power. Denizens of the deep are often prayed to in a sailors dying moment: they will pledge their unwavering service for a chance ar life anew. Perhaps a sailor would pray to Davy Jones, the mighty Kraken, Neptune, or even the spirit of the seas itself. A warlock may also pledge service in return for abilities that give them an advantage when seafaring, such as the ability to breathe water, or to be ignored by more hostile creatures and storms.

Water Breathing

At first level, you gain to breathe underwater. You can remain submerged for a time equal to 10 minutes times your warlock level. After this time, you begin to drown. In freshwater, you suffocate as described on page 183 of the Player’s Handbook.

Protection of the Sea

At 6th level, your patron grants you a corked bottle of water. The water inside seems to glow with arcane power. When creature attacks you, you may use your action to uncork the bottle. When you do, a seemingly endless stream flows out into the lungs of the attacker. It must make a constitution saving throw against your spell save DC. On a failed save, it falls unconscious for 1d4+1 hours. An attack that deals damage equal to or greater than one tenth of its maximum hit points will wake it up. On a successful save, the creature is paralyzed until the beginning of its next turn, and must use its next action to cough up seawater. Once you use this ability, the bottle is empty and you cannot use it again until you finish a short or long rest. If you lose the bottle or it is destroyed, you can complete a ritual that takes one hour to ask your patron for a new one.

Blessing of the Deep

At 10th level, you are surrounded by a shimmering, watery aura. You gain immunity to cold damage, and your swim speed becomes 60 feet, if it is less than 60 feet. Additionally, you suffer no ill effects of high atmospheric pressure while you are completely submerged in water.

Servant of the Depths

At 14th level, your patron grants you an elemental servant. You may use your action to summon your servant, who appears in the form of a giant, dark blue squid. It shares your alignment; maximum hit points; intelligence, wisdom, and charisma scores, proficiencies, proficiency bonuses, and languages (In addition to any languages you speak, it also speaks Deep Speech and Aquan). It rolls a separate initiative from you, and you control it and can speak telepathically with it. Once you use this feature, you cannot use it again until you complete a long rest.

Servant of the Depths statblock

large beast, * Hit Points: * Speed: 40 fly, 60 swim — STR: 18 (+4) DEX: 13 (+1) CON: 15 (+2) INT: * WIS: * CHA: * — Saving Throws: * Skills: * Senses: Sight, Blindsense (100 ft.) Languages: Deep Speech, Aquan, * Damage Resistances: Cold Damage Immunities: Fire, Psychic — Actions: -Tentacle: +(4+proficiency) to hit, range 20 feet. On hit: the servant reaches out with a tentacle, dealing 3d10 bludgeoning damage, and the target is restrained. The servant can hold ten total creatures at a time, but gets a -1 to its strength contest for each additional creature past 3. -Ink spray: the servant emits ink, obscuring an area as though it had cast the darkness spell at 5th level (Recharge 12)

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