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Demonic Blade Master[edit]

What's important isn't surviving the's keeping your sanity afterwords...
—Nyuna Lux, Human Demonic Blade Master

Demonic Blade Masters are the Guardians of the order of Demon Blades, Or trapped Demon Souls. They are a nomadistic Order, with no particular ties to any major church, and tend to stay in the shadows of history, worshiping the gods in their on personal way. They usually can be found in areas where Demonic Influence is high and attempt to cleanse them. Demonic Blade Masters are more likely than most to be corrupted by the evil they protect, but those who learn to control it obtain some of the demon's own power to use.

Becoming a Demon Blade Master[edit]

Those who have lost someone to a Demon, People who've had the Demon Blade passed down to them, Clerics and Paladins who take it upon themselves to Guard them, or just some guy with a Demon Blade who wants to become Powerful, Practically anybody could become a Demonic Blade Master. STR is fairly important to this character, along with CON for some Tank. DEX builds are suitable as well.

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any Good/ Evil. Neutral or Chaotic.
Base Attack Bonus: +4.
Race: N/A.
Skills: N/A.
Feats: Iron Will.
Spellcasting: Able to cast Divine Spells
Patron: Any God.
Domains: N/A.
Special: Have a Demonically Possessed Blade/Weapon to be a guardian of.

Table: The Demonic Blade Master

Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Spellcasting Spells per Day
Fort Ref Will 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1st 1 2 0 2 Demonic Bond, Demonic Influence, Demonic Turning, Release, Tempered Willpower, +1 Lvl of Existing Divine Casting
2nd 2 3 0 3 +1 Lvl of Existing Divine Casting
3rd 3 3 1 3 Demonic Influence +1 Lvl of Existing Divine Casting
4th 4 4 1 4 Steadfast Resolve, +1 Lvl of Existing Divine Casting
5th 5 4 1 4 Demonic Influence +1 Lvl of Existing Divine Casting
6th 6 5 2 5 +1 Lvl of Existing Divine Casting
7th 7 5 2 5 Demonic Influence +1 Lvl of Existing Divine Casting
8th 8 6 2 6 Devoted Bulwark of Mental Fortitude, +1 Lvl of Existing Divine Casting
9th 9 6 2 6 Demonic Influence +1 Lvl of Existing Divine Casting
10th 10 7 3 7 +1 Lvl of Existing Divine Casting

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level)
Balance, Climb, Concentration, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, Knowledge (All of them).

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the .

Demonic Bond: You willingly bind your soul to a demon's and constantly battle for control. Demon Lords of the Nine Circles:

(Demon Name, Silly Titles, Alignment, Demon's Will Save Mod.)

Demon Lords.

Pride: Ulfgar Grimbeard, Lord of Pride, The Dark King of Stubborness.

Deceit: Shu'shonii Sanguinius Fluxus, Lord of Change, The Eternal Bloodthirster.: C/N (+12 vs Will) As a Swift action, Shu’shonii is able to change shapes to any kind of melee weapon as long as the user can wield the specified melee weapon. Ie, Cannot turn from sword to crossbow, but sword to dagger or spear. Restores 2 HP per attack. Everyday, Half of all HP regenerated is added to the Demon's Will save modifier.

Greed: Hannon Glitter Eye, Lord of Avarice, King of Selfishness.

Lust: , the Arch-Succubus. Lady of Insatiable Pleasures

Heresy: Saelah Fae, the Secret Keeper

Gluttony: Malraux the Foul, Consumer of Worlds, Lord of Craving.

Anger: Faelin Furis Brutus, Lord of Rage.

Sloth: Reina Chillbreath, The Icy Terror, Lady of Unbound Time.

Treachery: Talx, Lord of Betrayal, The Dark Usurper of the First Kingdom.

A Few Demons I Thought Up. Feel free to use your own, 'relatively' balanced versions.


Zargarnmarnar the Evil One: C/E (+6 vs Will) +1d6 Unholy Damage. +2 Con or Str, Chosen each day. 1/day unholy rage, -2 Demonic Influence for 24 hours. stacks with rage and applies for the rage class ability for feats and other things that might require it. An evil looking (Medium)Greataxe with demonic runes etched upon every surface.

Ice Gill the Cold: C/G (+8 vs Will) +1d6 Cold Freezes water when touched by Sword's Blade. Aura: -2 dex for all foes. 15ft sq. rapier A thin Rapier with an icy, jagged blade that somehow doesn't ever break. X4 crit multiplier but otherwise a normal indestructible rapier.

Vel of the Flame: C/E (+10 vs Will) +2d6 Fire damage. At HD 5, Flaming Burst is added as well as Fire Resistance 10. Bearer is Comfortable in heat or extreme heat environments. Can traverse demonic or volcanic terrain without penalties. A sword like no other(Unless copied by Shu'shonii), This Bastard Sword's blade is made from a dark, seemingly indestructible metal imbued with molten cracks of fiery energy running through it. It’s jagged edge reminiscent of flame and the whole thing is generally covered in fire, unless it’s Guardian wants it gone. Beforementioned fire does not affect the Bearer, and provides a +4 bonus to intimidation checks.

Wil’wriou of the North Wind: C/N (+8 vs Will) +10 Movement Speed, +1d6 physical, +1d6 Sonic damage. 5 DR penetration. Just one look at this long sword and you can tell the Demon inside is restless, The chains are constantly rattling, and the blade hums and vibrates when it’s taken out of it’s sheath.

Koughan The Sunderer: C/N (+12 vs Will) Demon inhabits Any Keen weapon. Only Demonblade that can be destroyed by mortal means. Has Chosen Weapon's Hardness x4 5 DR pen Criticals deal x3 damage instead of x2, x4 instead of x3 and 5x instead of x4 Critical Multipliers are also increased by one rank, becoming x3 Threat Range instead of x2, x4 instead of x3 and 5x instead of x4 and x6 instead of x5. THIS IS THE ONLY STACKING KEEN MULTIPLIER that functions with only Improved Critical. Keen isn't applied too, but is a requirement for this particular Demon to Inhabit a Weapon. He's Weird like that.

Demonic Influence: Constant mental battle has left the DBS with a wyry mind and a sharp attention to whenever somebody touches their mind. A Demonic Influence Check is made when a Demon attempts to take control of this character or when the DBS Releases their Demon, if the Demon wants to. This Functions like Possess Animal, but with a few changed. The Demon Keeps all of the physical and mental scores, all special and class abilities(Except HD), spells, traits, flaws, and 'Charming' Personalities as well as all of the everything from their host's body (Demon uses Host's HD but retains all abilities and quirks). To prevent this, A DBS must make a Will Check to preserve not only his own life but the life of generally everything in the area. an Opposed Will save against the Demon's Will save.

Demonic Turning: You gain a +2 bonus against Turning Evil Outsiders.

Release: Release the demon from it's prison.

Tempered Willpower: Your constant struggles with your Demon has strengthened your mental defenses, +2 on Will saves.

Steadfast Resolve: By further strengthening your will, you may resist the Demon’s Influences more easily, +2 Will, stacks to +4 Will Save.

Devoted Bulwark of Mental Fortitude: Constant mental battle with the Demon trains you to further resist its influence. + 2 Willpower, stacks to +6 Will Save.

Demonic Ally: Unlike what this name suggests, Your Demon isn't always going to be your ally. As much as you want, any time of day, Even if you are Lvl 1, You may Release your Demon from his Prison in order to Talk, Fight, Train, Something akin to Bardic Knowledge, or just somebody to start the Camp Fire. whether you can control this being depends on your willpower. If you can save an opposed roll on mental dominance, You can control this creature as if it were a Summoned Creature with the additional effect of adding your Demonic Influence Bonus to this roll. It it Not recommended to use this before you can realistically beat the save. However if you can succeded the roll, or if you are Friends with your Demon, This Demon can be an invaluable asset to any kind of party. Depending on the Selected Demon in your Blade (Gms, please restrict your guys or random roll it, the Demons are quite powerful) they could be a great Tank, pure DPS or Caster, Or an Support role caster that can rip the fabric of reality to summon it's own forces to win the fight.

Note: Gm's, Please consider the game destroying possibilities of losing control of a Demon in the wrong situations. Also TPW's are possible. Note 2: Any Greater Demon-lords chosen are much more powerful, except they are mentally stronger and resist you more often.

Bonus Feats: .

Ex-Demonic Blade Masters[edit]

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Demonic Demon Blade[edit]

Combat: you serve as the front line combatant, replacing a fighter if necessary. Clerics are better for healing, War blades are better with a sword, However the bonuses and special abilities you get places you somewhere in between.

Advancement: Training as a Cleric or Paladin is required and extremely helpful for making this not a T4-5 class.

Resources: Demonic Blade Masters are nomadic by nature, because no priest wants a Demonically Possessed anything near them. they are still supported by their churches* and Orders. However, if they are to control their Demons and use them properly, The Demon could become a great asset...or an unholy nightmare. Good Demonic Blade Masters use their Demon's magic for healing and providing a helping hand, and Evil Demonic Blade Master's uses the unholy magic for power and glory.

  • Or whatever they have instead of a church

Demonic Blade Masters in the World[edit]

Run if you want...Hide if you can... My Friend and I, Will find you
—Nyuna Lux, Human Demonic Blade Master

Guardians of the Demonic Blades help keep the peace by trapping Demons into Hosts, ie, a Sword, and protecting them from all who seek to release them or use them for Evil. Demonic Blade Masters Help deal with Demonic Influence and Demon problems that pop up in their travels. Evil versions of this class use the Demon for a power up and eventually a strong foe to vanquish...or be killed themselves...or worse...

NPC Reactions:

Demonic Blade Master Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge Religion can research Demonic Blade Masters to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge Religion
DC Result
18 Demonic Blade Masters Exist.
24 They Travel around looking for Demonic Influence.
28 Hunt for Demonic Artifacts.
32 Are actually Friends/ Companions with their Blades'.

Demonic Blade Masters in the Game[edit]

Demonic Blade Masters hold the role of Guardian. They Guard their Demon from Evil and use it for good. most are melee however some exceptions can be made.

Adaptation: Fitting this class into a campaign is fairly easy if there is a big Demon issue. however if Demons are quite rare then Ill leave it to the DM's Digression.

Sample Encounter:

EL whatever:

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