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'Mechanics: Damage -vs- Most Enemies: 1d8 + 2 (Critical: 2d8 + 4) Damage -vs- Evil Non-Outsider: 1d8 + 2d6 + 2 (Critical: 2d8 + 2d6 + 4) Damage -vs- Evil Outsider: 1d8 + 4d6 + 4 (Critical: 2d8 + 4d6 + 8) Hit Points: 50 - Hardness: 40 - Immune to Fire, Cold, Acid, Electricital, Sonic All other mechanics as standard Longsword.

Functionality: The Demonbane functions in combat as a +2 Holy Longsword of Evil Outsider Bane until its wielder scores a confirmed critical hit against an evil outsider. On the success the evil outsider must succeed on a DC 30 Fortitude (Normal) or Will Save (Summoned) or be banished back to its home plane. On a successful save the outsider takes an additional 2d6 damage.

Whenever the character attempts to channel positive energy while wielding the weapon it also has a chance of casting one of the following spells at a caster level equal to the character's hit dice. Bless, Hallow, Protection from Evil.

The Demonbane's enchantments and enhancements can not be increased beyond what it is discovered as, as no mortal enchanter or smith possesses the power needed to replicate and reform its enchantments.


Market Price: The Demonbane is a unique weapon and can not be purchased through normal means. It tests all who attempt to wield it and smites those who fail its tests. The Demonbane can only be found as part of a treasure hoard, and counts as a high-value major magic weapon for determining it as treasure. The approximate market value of the Demonbane Longsword is 95,000 gp + the cost of a Masterwork Longsword. (Bonus squared (+2, Holy[+2], Bane[+1] = +5) x 2,000 gp + 45,000 gp approximated price for the unique features)

DM Note: Any attempts to identify the magical properties of Demonbane only reveal that it is a +2 Holy Longsword of Evil Outsider Bane, though it also reveals that there is more magic on the weapon, though identifying those abilities is beyond the ability of the caster who is attempting to identify its properties. In some cases the Demonbane can be considered to be on par with a lesser minor artifact, and can only be wielded by a Good Cleric or Paladin.

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