Demon Blood Corruption (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Demon Blood Corruption (Sp)
Infection DC: 17(Injury, ingestion)
Incubation: 1-4 Days
Damage: 1d4 Str 1d4 Con

This disease is spread through corrupted blood, via injury or ingestion. After 1-4 days PC must make DC 17 fort save or incur 1D4 Str and 1D4 Con damage. Once infected, can only be removed by wish, cure disease or death. Every 24 hours past first symptoms, the creature must make DC 17 Fortitude saves or incur constant damage until either dead or cured. Infected persons show signs of confusion, blindness and paralysis, if cured, Recovery time is 1d6 days of bed rest. If a creature dies as a result of this disease, it rises as a Zombie 1d4 days later. It retains none of the abilities it had in life.

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