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Demogorgon: Prince of Demons[edit]

  • Level: 8
  • Binding DC: 35
  • Special requirement: Demogorgon will not enter into pact with a binder who has hosted Orcus or Graz’zt within three days. Demogorgon's two personas Aameul and Hetthradiah will vie for ownership of the pact as part of the normal pact making process. The result is determined randomly by default however if you make a good pact you can attempt to reverse the result with a second pact check.


The Prince of Demons holds his title through sheer might alone. His touch can rot flesh from the bone. His gaze can strip a mind of it's sanity. His name alone can inspire a primal fear.

Demogorgon’s war with Orcus and Graz’zt has been epic in scope. Their armies have clashed throughout the Abyss since the dawn of the tanar’ri race. For a time, Orcus vanished (apparently slain), as did Graz’zt (who was imprisoned on the Material Plane by the archmage Iggwilv), yet never has the Abyss known complete peace from this eternal war. His close alliance with the ancient demon lord Dagon has provided him with access to Abyssal secrets that the other demon lords could only guess about. The methods of creating the powerful undead warlords known as death knights represent the least of these secrets, yet they are horrific and potent nevertheless.

Inside the Prince of Demons rages a secret war for control of himself. Demogorgon has two heads and therefore two minds, and each one seeks domination of the other. Aameul is the persona in control of Demogorgon’s left head, while Hethradiah controls the right. Each is unable to control the other, nor could one slay the other without also perishing. By most definitions, this internal conflict would be described as insanity, but that would be applying inappropriate mortal standards to one whom such standards can never apply.


The demon towers a full 18 feet tall, his body at once sinuous like that of a snake and powerful like that of a great ape. Two baleful baboon heads leer from atop his lumbering shoulders, attached to which are two long, writhing tentacles. His lower torso is saurian, like some great reptile with an immense forked tail.


Extreme Heterochromia. Left eye becomes a photo-negitive mirror of the right, meaning (if applicable) that the sclera would become black as opposed to its normal white coloration, etc.


Demogorgon’s influence amplifies internal conflict and cause one to act skittish and aggressively. You are unable to maintain concentration on any one action for more then 3 rounds. Upon ending a concentration you can not use any action that requires concentration for 3 rounds.

Granted abilities[edit]


You can breath water as easily as you can breath air.

Fast Healing[edit]

You gain fast healing-10


You are under a consistent effect equivalent to the haste spell.

Demogorgon's Gaze[edit]

You gain a gaze attack. If your pact is owned by Aameul effected creatures are fasinated for 1D6 rounds. If your pact is owned by hethradiah effected creatures are confused for 1D4 rounds. Will negates


Cause a living creatures flesh to rot with a successful melee touch attack or nature weapon. Effected creature takes 1D6 Constitution damage immediately and 1 point of Constitution damage each hour thereafter until it dies or a remove disease spell is cast. This ability can be used once per rounds, fort negates.

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