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Demigods are the Children of a mortal and a god, hence the name Demigod.


Just like their mortal parents race, Demigods come with a wide range of personalities. Most Demigods personalities however, match that of their godly parents. For instance, a child of Hermes, the god of thieves a and messengers, tends to be mischievous and chaotic while a child of Nemises tends to be more neutral and angry do to their mother being the goddess of revenge

Physical Description[edit]

A Demigod appears as their mortal parents race.


Demigods tend to more or less get along with everyone. Some demigods don't care about their godly parents. They believe their parents don't care for them because they don't visibly help them in times of need.


They usually have the same alignment as their godly parent.


Demigods live anywhere there mortal parent would live.


Demigods tend to worship there godly parents. sometimes they will worship someone from another panthenan, but it it almost always a deity with similer portfollios.


All Demigods speak Common, Celestial, and the language of there mortal race. They can learn any other languages. Children of deitys of death also speak SpiritTongue. SpiritTongue can not be taught. It can only be spoken by children of death gods. It lets them talk to undead even if they dont share a common language. It ONLY works on the undead.


Demigods have names from there mortal parents race.


Attributes: +4 to Charisma, +2 to Dexterity

Speed: 30ft

Immune to being charmed and of Psychic damage

Proficiency in all Charisma based skills.These are considered class skills

A child of Aphrodite can attempted to charm a target as the Charm Person spell a number of times equal to their charisma. Once charmed, there is no duration.The target doesnt need to see you.


Attributes: +4 to Charisma or Dexterity, +2 to the other.


lowlight vision

Immunity to Radiant damage

Proficiency with all bows

Proficient in the skills Heal, Perform (String instrumints), and Perform (Sing)

At 1st level,children of Apollo can cast Control Light, Searing Light, and Cure Moderate Wounds as a standered action. At 8th level, they cast Cure Critical Wounds instead of Cure Moderate Wounds, and can cast Heal and Regenerate. They can cast these a number of times per day equal to 2+ Charisma Mod.


Attributes: +4 to Strength, +2 to Constitution

Speed: 30ft

+2 Nat armor

Immune to Force damage

Proficiency with simple and martial weapons, all armor, and all shields. In adittion, children of Ares treat heavy weapons and shields as normal weapons and shields and normal ones are treated as light

you are proficient in the Intimidate skill

Children of Ares gain the rage abilitie like that of the barbarian.Children of Ares are considered barbarians of there level for the rage ability and feats only.

Once per week, a child of Ares can gain the Blessing Of Ares. This Makes the child of Ares immune to all nonmagical damage and resistant to magic damage, and they can not be supject to critical hits, mind control, and poisons. In addition, they are considered to be raging. They may end the Blessing Of Ares whenever they wish.


Please note that Artemis does NOT have children. She is a virgin goddess. She has the hunters of Artemis. They are a bunch of immortal female hunters who have sworn off boys for all eternity. Should they break there oaths, they will lose all there new attributes and abilities. This is a template that can be applied to any female humanoid character.

Attributes:+4 to Dex, +2 to any one stat


lowlight vision

Immune to Radiant damage

Proficiency in all bows

Hunters of Artemis gain a wolf, hunting dog, or stag animal companion. They are considered druids for the purpose of there animal companion ONLY!

They are immortal, and take no penalties due to aging.


Attributes: +4 to Wisdom,+2 to Intelligence or Dexterity


Immune to Psychic damage and mind effects

Proficiecy in all simple and martial weapons

you are proficient in all Intellegence and Wisdom skills

When you are hit by an attack, before damage is rolled you may add your proficiency bonus to your AC, potentially causing the attack to miss.

Athena has departed to you her divine wisdom. Starting at 5th level, You may add your wisdom modifier to all attack rolls, damage rolls, and AC. If you roll a critical hit, the creature hit must make a Will saving throw or die instantly


Attributes: +4 to any one stat, +2 to any other one

Speed: 30 ft.

Immune to Poison damage

you are proficient in Knowledge (Nature), Heal, and Survival

you can cast Goodberry, Entangle, Barkskin, Delay poison, Warpwood, Woodshape, Diminish plants, Antiplant shell, Commune with nature, Transport via plants, Animate plants, Control plants, and Shambler, as a druid of your level.

Starting at 5th level, children of Demeter can summon 1/week a Spirit of the Forest, a large creature similar to an earth elemental. Its stats are here: Str 26, Dex 10, Con 20, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 12. its AC is 20. It has double the HP of the player. It is immune to poison and psychic damage.


Attributes: +4 to Charisma, +2 to Constitution

Speed: 30 ft.

Immune to mind altering effects.

Can cast Insanity a number of times per day equal to there Charisma score. They can also cure any mind effects as if by the wish spell.

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