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Adventure Background[edit]

The Players discover the note in the treasury of Qa'a which guides them to the rebels Oasis known as the Horns of Hattan, the leader of the Rebels is Sunjiata. As the players go on their journey East in a desert canyon they get approached by Zahire, who is an arcane trickster and servant of Sunjiata.... Zahire takes them to a ruined temple that is built on powerful leylines and potent "world stones" radiating magic into the area. Using a ritual and offering of blood to the outcast gods, the players teleport themselves across the continent to the El-Nagi desert... close to the border of the city of Naram-Sin in Quajjari and very close to the Horns of Hattan. Zahire guides our heroes to the great camp of the oasis aka the "Horns of Hattan"


This quest is mostly ritualistic and role playing and a break from the more combat centric quests previously engaged in. Dm's can throw in a few random encounters in the desert and make the magic of Sunjiata and Zahire less powerful... or the players are fully covered by Illusions and move about the El-Nagi desert with ease.


The party can follow the general route of Zahire and Sunjiata, who will greet them and inform them of more as they progress. One could possibly have the party come from the Quajjari Sultinate and accidentally find their way into the Horns of Hattan... or even yet be a party of royal mamelukes ambushed by rebels and Grootslang and dragged as prisoners into the camp... only to be given the true story of the Seven Viziers, Raffajj and the magi colleges.


Stage 1: Victory of Qa'a; This has been covered previously.

Stage 2: Zahire, the guide of the Desert; this was covered in background and overview. When the teleportation is completed the players can hear mocking laughter in the desert winds.

Stage 3: The Horns of Hattan and Sunjiata; The players travel to the Oasis Fortress and they meet Sunjiata, Uwase (his sheild maiden), Femeref (the rune smith from the caravanserai), Sharmutha (the Harlot/Alchemist from the Caravansari), Jamal (The Innkeeper from the Caravansari and the stablemaster). Sunjiata will send the party with his shield maiden Uwase to go to the Oasis of Cobras to complete "Defile the Defiler and Honor the Honorable". This will be a rather short journey especially when mounted and will only take a few hours.

Stage 4: Defile the Defiler and Honor the Honorable. A Shrine of Set lies in ruins in the desert before the Oasis of snakes, but the Statue is pristine. The Heroes must defile the statue of Set by ripping his head off, removing the glass marbles from the statues eye sockets and specifically having falcons defecate into the Statue's empty eye sockets. Once completed, the players can hear a bestial roar in the desert winds. Next the players must make their way to the Oasis of Cobras... they must retrieve a branch from the fig plantation of Osiris, cut a branch so it leaks the thicky milky latex from the cut, and place the white latex in the pink lotus flowers inside the pond of Isis/Ishtar... this ritual completes the fertility myth of Isis and Osiris... which causes a lightning bolt to strike a nearby Acacia tree, splitting the tree open to reveal a perfect beam of acacia heartwood. This lightning bolt also kills a roosting Cockatrice. The Heartwood, sticks and feathers of the cockatrice must be gathered. The players are then approached by a blind oracle, who offers his services to craft a mighty weapons known as the "Bane of the Immortals." Uwase brings the blind oracle with the players back to the "Horns of Hattan".

Stage 5: Return to Sunjiata. Uwase brings the blind oracle, the heartwood beam, the cockatrice feathers and the rest of the material before Sunjiata. The Blind oracle quickly crafts the Heartwood beam into a Potent Longbow "The Bane of the Immortals". This weapon is given to Sunjiata who uses it as a crutch... after spending a day using this weapon as a walking crutch... he is miraculously cured of his club foot.

Step or Location[edit]

Google is the best place to find images for dungeons of canyons, deserts, ruins, oasis as well as tokens to repersent statues and tents.


The Weyline Ruins only need a blood offering to activate the portal (every player needs to offer one drop of blood role playing wise).

The Horns of Hattan have four tents; Sunjiata's central tent offers quests and rewards for completed quests. Femeref the Rune Smith will craft magical items such as arms and armor for players but they are expensive (maximum +3 enchantment level). Sharmutha offers potions, spells and sometimes a night of "pleasure". Jamal will give a place to sleep for free (Tents and wagons), cheap rations and drinks, as well as exotic pets and mounts.

The Ruins of Set must be properly defiled to activate the way to the Oasis of Cobras

The "Oasis of Cobras" must have the fertility rites completed to give the players the acacia heartwood, the feathers of the cockatrice and so forth as well as the blind oracle.


Sunjiata the outcast king, Uwase the Shield maiden, Zahire the Scout Magi, Femeref the Rune Smith, Sharmutha the seductress, Jamal the Caravan master.


DM can use random desert encounters if they wish.


Random desert encounters like sand sharks (shark stats but with burrow), Grootslang (already coveered or use Purple Worms), Manticores and giant arachnids are fine.


only gear purchased from Femeref, Sharmutha and Jamal is considered treasure. The players should have 100,000gp+ from the Tomb of Qa'a. this is the place to spend the money.


As a Milestone the players should gain a new level for completing the quest. Also they can possibly recieve the "Bane of Immortals" longbow which is a powerful longbow (+4) that can cast curse, bane or turn flesh to stone on any target with each arrow that hits and these spells are treated as being cast from a level 20 sorcerer (Dc. 19)


This is a transcript of everything to be awarded the players, and the conditions attached to those rewards, at the end of the adventure. Think of it as a sort of checklist to make sure everything was covered.


This is a milestone quest and so the players will gain an automatic level after it is completed.


The characters receive the following treasure, divided up amongst the party. Characters should attempt to divide treasure evenly whenever possible. Gold piece values listed for sellable gear are calculated at their selling price, not their purchase price.

Consumable magic items should be divided up however the group sees fit. If more than one character is interested in a specific consumable magic item, the DM can determine who gets it randomly should the group be unable to decide.

Permanent magic items are divided up according to a system. See the sidebar if the adventure awards permanent magic items.

Treasure Awards
Item Name Sale Value
+1 Arms or Armor 10,000gp
+2 Arms or Armor 20,000gp
+3 Arms or Armor 30,000gp
lvl 1 Potion/scroll 500gp
lvl 2 potion/scroll 1000gp
lvl 3 potion/scroll 2000gp

Unique Magic Item[edit]

The mighty and powerful Longbow of Horus known as "The Bane of Immortals"


<- This is an actual effect generated by you doing something that hurt people who still exist in the setting. Think of it is a boon, but absolutely horrible. ->


<- In games which contain factions, this is where you would award renown for completing faction-related activities. ->


Each character receives <-X-> downtime days at the conclusion of this adventure.

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