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Dead Iron[edit]

Dead Iron is special prepared Cold Iron forged within zones devoid of magic, such as in an anti-magic field. With proper care the cold iron's connection to the mystical realm deadens further, resulting in a dangerous bane against all things magical. Dead Iron is a bit darker than normal iron weapons. It's resistance to magic makes it prized for armors and weapons designed to fight the arcane. Any weapon or armor made of Dead Iron is automatically considered masterwork, the masterwork cost has been included in the prices below.

Regardless what it is made into, any item made from Dead Iron resists magical enhancements, and so any enhancements granted cost three times as much, with a few exceptions noted below. In addition, magical effects targeting the item, beneficial or not, have a 5% chance of simply failing to affect it.

Armor and shields made from Dead Iron has an inherent resistance to spells, granting the user spell resistance equal to the AC granted. This SR stacks with the spell resistance enhancements for armor, and said enhancements cost normal price instead of triple. Arcane spell failure for the armor rises by 25%.

Weapons made of Dead Iron count as cold iron for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. They deal an extra +1d6 damage against arcane spellcasters or any creature with spell-like abilities. The cost for enhancement is triple for all except for the Magebane enhancement, which costs as normal. Because of the baneful nature of Dead Iron, characters with arcane spells or spell-like abilities take a -1 penalty on attack and damage rolls when using the weapon.

Items without metal parts cannot be made from Dead Iron. An arrow could be made of Dead Iron, but a quarterstaff could not. Weapons, armor and shields normally made of steel that are made of Dead Iron have the same amount of hit points as normal and hardness.

Type of Dead Iron Item Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition +40 gp
Light armor +9,600 gp
Medium armor +16,000 gp
Heavy armor +32,000 gp
Shield +9,600 gp
Weapon +3,000 gp

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