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The Darkblade

This is a combat build that will skip over things like background and skills. It uses playtest material in the unearthed arcana, so stuff may change when updated into RAW(if ever).

The build is a multiclass of Fighter, Warlock, and Sorcerer. It is a Gish-style build, that focuses on three main effects:

Two-Hand Fighter- Gives a good foundation for melee combat and saves some ASIs/Levels to make this build viable.

"Divine Smite 2.0"- Warlock's Hexblade Patron(UA: Warlock & Wizard) grants a Curse Bringer Sword. You can expend spell slots to deal [2*spell slot level d8] additional slashing damage on hit.

Darkness- Sorcerer Shadow Origin(UA: Light, Dark, Underdark!) lets you throw out darkness like candy on Halloween, and you can see through it!


Stats are taken from PHB Point Buy setup: 15/10/15/8/10/13. STR>CON>CHA

The best race is Mountain Dwarf for the Str/Con bonus. 17/10/17/8/10/13

Level Fighter to 2. You get Great Weapon Fighting and Action Surge, which will make you help offset the late Extra Attack from warlock at Level 7.

Level Warlock to 5. You will take Blade Pact and spells are mostly irrelevant. Just pick some good support/mobility spells.

Hexblade: A non-concentration hex? With Critical range? Why not!

Eldritch Invocations: Thirsting Blade, Curse Bringer, Improved Pact Weapon.

Level Sorcerer to 13. Pack in the spell slots and sorc points.

Shadow Origin: Free Darkness, Free puppies, and you don't blink. Optionally, you can skip level 2 in Fighter for a 120ft teleport at 14.

Metamagic: Quickened and Twinned will matter in combat, others are up to player preference.

ASI Allocations:

3 should be used to get STR/CON to 20 for +5

Feats should be Great Weapon Master. -5/+10 is usable with darkness due to advantage and will save spell slots on Low AC minions. Take this when you are comfortable getting hits in darkness.


This assumes level 20, no magical gear, except your +1 Curse Bringer Sword.

Flat damage: GWM +10, STR +5, magic +1, curse +6

To Hit: GWM -5, STR +5, prof +6, magic +1

Attacks against low AC trash mobs.

GWM + HexBladeCurse Attack

+7 to hit, 2d6+22 damage. 35avg dmg. 70/per turn or 105 with cleave

Attack against a High AC Tanky Minion/Boss

HexBladeCurse + 7th-level Smite + Second Attack using 6th-level Smite

+12 to hit, 2d6+14d8+12 damage. 88avg damage. Second attack 2d6+12d8+18 damage. 79avg dmg... 167 damage turn

The dream. Low AC damage sponge. Using GWM, and smite on all three attacks.

GWM + HexBladeCurse + 7th-level Smite + Second Attack using 6th-level Smite + Cleave using 5th-level Smite

+7 to hit, 2d6+14d8+22 damage. 98avg damage. Second attack 2d6+12d8+22 damage. 89avg dmg. 2d6+10d8+22 damage. 80avg dmg. 267 damage turn.

None of these take advantage of Action Surge which would be two additional attacks, which if hit can be a high damage "Smite".

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