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Dark matter spawn[edit]

The essence of chaos.
—void termina

Physical Description[edit]

Dark matter have completely black bodies with sometimes having ghostly dark purple auras coming off of there bodies. However they have no legs and black or invisible floating hands that are not attached to their bodys. They are vaguely humanoid and have what appears to be hair on their heads. They also have one eye that can shoot lasers for some reason. They are also usually found in capes and masks.


You see dark matter are usually formed by zero who is their leader of course. After he died from the likes of kirby the dark matters have separated across the realms searching for a new place to call home. Some ending up in this world of fantasy. Dark matter, because of zero usually are following what zero would have done and trying to kill everything and bad stuff. but some have actually become good and are trying to do the right thing and kill things in the name of good and not zero for some reason you can make up. (that why dark matter clerics or literally any support class should not be played as dark matter)


Dark matter are really just lone wolfs always staying far away from other dark matter and mingling with other evil or dark races such as drow. However small dark matter (the 3 ft ones) usually group together like they did back when zero was alive. But even they small ones don’t form towns or really any sort of community. More so a pack than a community.

Dark Matter Spawn Names[edit]

Dark matter spawn usually don’t have certain names and usually call themselves dark matter. They see names as a way to tell others apart only so unless they want to tell themselves apart from another dark matter they will just call themselves dark matter.

Dark matter spawn names if they actually want names include- Crimson, midnight, dark, nightbane, blade, darkness, light destroyer, void, absence, miracle matter, dark crafter, dark nebula or dark mind.

Dark Matter Spawn Traits[edit]

Dark matter, the spawn of zero. dark matter search the lands in vengeance for zeros death or to prove their worth as his servants in general.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution increases by 2 your Strength increases by 2 and you may decrease your Dexterity, Wisdom or Intelligence by 3 and increase the rest by 1.
Age. You see, dark matter spawn usually don’t die of old age. in fact no one knows how long there maximum age is they usually get killed before that happens.
Alignment. Usually they are leaning towards lawful evil always following the bad intentions of zero but some have broken off and become chaotic alignments which include chaotic good.
Size. Dark matter are about 6-3 ft tall. There size ranges so vastly because they kind of keep growing so young ones are quite smaller compared to their elders. if you are 4 ft or less your size is small, if not your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base speed is 30 ft but you always hover 1 ft above the ground.
Supreme Dark vision. You can see as if it were daylight no matter how dark it is, even if someone casts darkness you can still see fine.
Darkness aura. You are weak to radiant damage and lose one darkness point for every 5 radiant damage you take. However you are immune to necrotic damage and if you get hit with necrotic damage for every 2 damage you would have taken gain 1 darkness point. You also have advantage on stealth if it is not daylight.
Sunlight sensitivity. While in sunlight you gain disadvantage on all saving throws that require sight.
Darkness points. You have this thing called darkness points which can be spent on certain special abilities. You start of with 6 darkness points. For each darkness point you go under 0 you gain -5 temporary hit points and gain 1 level of exhaustion until you go above -1 darkness points. You can gain and lose them from the following:

If you complete a short rest gain 6 darkness points.

If you complete a long rest gain 12 darkness points.

If you are in dim light for 1 minute you gain 1 darkness point.

If you are in darkness for 1 minute you gain 2 darkness points.

If you are in complete darkness for 10 seconds you gain 3 darkness points.

If you reduce another creature to 0 you gain 4 darkness points.

If you break some kind of light source (ie, a torch, a candle, a magic light source) You gain 2 darkness points. However if that light source is producing blinding light you gain 12 darkness points.

If you are in daylight for 1 hour you lose 1 darkness point.

If you are in blinding light for 10 seconds you lose 1 darkness point.

Things you can spend on darkness points include.
Summon rainbow sword. You pull a sword made out of steel out of thin air that you are now proficient with. It counts as a great sword and deals 2d6 slashing. You may also spend another 2 darkness points while the sword is out to make the sword flash with colors and deal an extra 2d4 radiant. It does not have a bond to you, however if another being tries to wield this sword, it automatically disintegrates and deals 2d4 to the false wielder. This consumes 3 darkness points.
Darkness bolts. You shoot tiny bolts of darkness from your eye that deal 1d10 piercing and 1d4 narcotic and have a range of 120 ft. You may use up to 4 darkness bolts on your turn. This doesn't cost darkness points if your rainbow sword is drawn but they only deal 1d6 piercing and 1 narcotic and can only be used 2 times per turn costing 0.25 darkness points each. This also takes your constitution to cast. This consumes 0.25 darkness points.
Dark lightning bolt. You fire a medium sized lightning bolt from your eye that deals 2d8 shocking damage, 2d4 thunder damage and 1d6 narcotic and has a range of 60 ft. You can fire up to 3 per turn costing 2 darkness points each. This also takes your constitution to cast. This consumes 2 darkness points.
Miracle matters gift. Remembering your past battles you call upon the spirit of miracle matters versatility and permanently learn 2 damaging cantrips you have seen be used. You can only use this once per long rest. This also takes your constitution to cast each cantrip. This consumes 3 darkness points.
Void termina’s wrath. You summon a dark orb that goes on to possess anyone within 50 ft. that creature must make a constitution or wisdom saving throw (whichever is lower) if they fail there are now changed to your alignment and will fight by your side until they take damage. If they succeed they instead take 2d6 narcotic damage. This also takes your constitution to cast this spell. This consumes 1 darkness point.
Dark nebula’s star power. Calling upon the spirit of the underworld (dark nebula) once per long rest you may gain one of the following abilities until you complete short or long rest. Fire nebula Change all your damaging cantrips to fire damage, increase your charisma by 4 and you now have a +5 bonus on your initiative. (your previous bonus is stacked on this.) This consumes 3 darkness points.
Languages. You speak common, Infernal, Abyssal, Celestial and deep speech.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

′ ″ + lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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