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Dagger of insta Death: WARNING: This weapon is not meant to be used in real campaigns as it is way to unbalanced. Be very careful with it GMs out there.

The Dagger of insta Death is treated as a +5 dagger with damage of (1d4+5/17-20) for all purposes except critical hits. On a critical hit, this weapon does an extra 10d10 damage instead of the usual x2, x3, or x4 damage.


The Dagger of insta Death was created by the best halfling wizard in the whole of history many years ago. He imbued it with so much power that an explosion happened and the town he was in was wiped off the face of the world along with a lot of the surrounding scenery. The dagger was thrown into the air and lost for many, many years. But there is a prophecy, "This dagger will be found by a timid halfling who doesn't know of the great warrior inside himself. He will then use it to stop a great evil that no other great warrior can stop."

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