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A true force of evil that almost destroyed the lord of hell, Asmodeus, himself. Atrior is a fiend at heart and will empower those he sees fit.

Atrior, The Fiend That Was[edit]

Level: 4th

Binding DC: 23

Special Requirement: Yes


Once a human with gifted abilities from his fiendish heritage, Atrior sought out to be what his ancestors were: Devils. So as he went under The Ritual of Bonding(page 19 Complete Arcane)he slowly became part of Hell. And as he became Hell he became envious of the Archdukes, seeing himself as a much more fitting tyrant. Atrior had found Truespeak, a key to the words that created the universe itself. With Truspeak he started to "steal" devils and demons alike to form his fiendish army which numbered in the millions. It was then that he descended to the fifth layer to declare war. Atrior easily defeated Geryon who at the time was the current Archduke of the fifth layer, Stygia. Taking his rightful place as the new Archduke of the fifth, Atrior grew stronger and as his strength grew so did his ego. Asmodeus, the lord of all hell saw Atrior as a threat destroyed him and his army of misplaced demons before Atrior destroyed him. Being a mortal turned fiend but not a "true" fiend Atrior had no place in after death and was there for condemned to be a Vestige.


When Atrior is summoned there is a pause in time, everything around you stops for a split second and then a burst of flame arises from the markings of his seal. Out from the smoke left from the flames appears a slender male figure which at first glance looks like a handsome human in black plate leggings and a long dark cloak revealing his built chest, but at closer observation reveals dark red skin and short black horns arising from his brow. In a soft commanding voice he spits forth, "How may i help you", and gives a frightening grin.

Special Requirements[edit]

To summon Atrior you must have never wielded or worshiped anything that has to do with Asmodeus.


You look the same as you always did but two small black horns emerge from above your brow giving you a disturbing presence.


While under the influence of Atrior you feel envious of almost everyone with more power than you and try to gain more strength at any cost.

Granted Abilities[edit]

Atrior grants you his fiendish heritage, plus part of his fiendish army and a small amount of power of Truespeech.

Fiendish Presence: You become what Atrior loved the most, a fiend. While bound to Atrior you gain the fiendish template.

Abyssal Army: You can summon a small amount of demons to fight for you in combat. These creature obey your every command to their best of ability. If any of the demons are more than 30 feet away from you at the end of your turn they dissipate. This ability takes a standard action to use. The types of demons you can summon depends on your effective binder level:

1st-10th Dretch or Quasit

11th-14th Babau Demon (without summon ability)

15th-18th Succubus Demon (without summon ability)

19th and higher Bebilith Demon (without summon ability)

Truespeech: You can use the utterance Reversed Word of Nurturing, Moderate(page 246 Tome of Magic) as a standard action. Once you have used this ability, you can not do so again for 5 rounds. You also gain access to the Truespeak skill while bound to Atrior and automatically gives you the highest amount of ranks you can have for your level with a maximum number of ranks equal to your binder level.

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