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Cupid's Pollen[edit]

Price per dose: 800 gp
Type: Inhaled

Once you breathe in this pollen, you must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw, or be charmed by the first creature the target sees. The affected will be incredibly attracted to the object of its affection, regardless of whether or not the affected is capable of experiencing lust or romantic attraction (in this case, the attraction is purely platonic, but still incredibly intense), but if the creature is capable of either, it will happen regardless of their orientation. The affected creature will prioritize protecting the object of their affection in battle, or fighting for their affection, and will obey any command the creature gives... barring any requests to leave them alone or to self-harm. If forcibly separated from the target of their affection, any rolls made (other than to reunite with its love) will be made at a disadvantage. The target can fall in love with themself in this way if the first thing they see is their own reflection.

The poison wears off on its own after one day, or if the affected is doused in cold water. If the target is harmed by their lover, it may repeat the saving throw. Once affected by Cupid's Pollen, they cannot be affected again for 48 hours.

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