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Crescents of Eilistraee: Description: The Crescents of Eilistraee are actually a pair of fearsome short swords. Each blade has a silver haft, and a shining, highly reflective adamantine curved blade that glows with moonlight (equivalent to the light of a crescent moon) at the mental command of the wielder. The blades' Drow symbols can still be clearly seen, as can Eilistraee’s holy symbol: a nude long-haired female drow dancing with a silver bastard sword in front of a full moon.

Powers: Each of these wicked weapons functions as a +5 holy, ghost touched, short sword and inflicts double normal damage on any successful attacks (critical hits will deal x2 damage as normal). Also each short sword grants the wielder free use of the feat Improved Critical as long as the PC meets the feat's requirements for use (weapon proficiency [obviously short sword] and a +8 or higher attack bonus).

Damage: 2((1d6+5+St) + (2d6)) Crit: 17-20 x2 vs all evil aligned
Damage: 2(1d6+5+St) Crit: 17-20 x2

Fearsome as these blades are singly, they demonstrate their true deadliness when wielded as a set. When used together, they grant the PC free use of the Ambidexterity, and Two-Weapon Fighting feats. If the wielder already has both feats they get a +2 to their attack roll (effect: the penalty for fighting two-handed style is gone). Only a devotee of Eilistraee may wield these blades; others who attempt to handle either of them, automatically suffers 2d6 points of damage per round of contact, and 1d6 points of damage one round after contact has been severed.

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