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Flying protagonists with soaring ideals, and beaks to match.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 9'2"-9'9"
Average Weight: 120-160lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma or +2 Intelligence
Size: medium
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: common, choice of one other
Skill Bonuses: +2 Acrobatics, +2 Stealth
Galloux weapon proficiency: You have proficiency in sickles as they are the weapons native to your people, you also use your dexterity for attack and damage instead of strength, as if sickles were ranged weapons.
Beaked fighting: Your beak is a melee weapon with which you are proficient. It deals deals 2d4 damage, has a +2 proficiency bonus and is a heavy blade.
Aethre: You deal +1 to damage with basic melee attacks
Cranes Flight: You have the Cranes Flight racial power as an encounter power.

Crane's Flight crane Racial Power
You jump mightily from the ground and soar as your ancestors did.
Move Action Personal
Effect: You fly your speed. You must land on solid ground at the end of this movement, or you will fall.

Cranes are a tall bird-like people native to the swamps and marshes of the world. They live in small, nomadic tribes and eat fish. Cranes (known as Galloux among eachother) have three-segmented legs so long that they have no use for boats in the shallow water, and instead they kill the fish with glaives and one-handed spears.

Play a Crane if you want...

  • To be agile, witty, and charismatic.
  • To have a long history in a tribal culture.
  • To have the appearance of a bird.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the winglord, rogue, sorcerer, and warlord classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Despite being over 9 feet tall, these Heron-like humanoids weigh less than humans. This is because of their slender, thin frame, which allows them to fly, albeit not as fast or strong as their bird ancestors. They have long legs twice the length of those of a human, and wear little clothing, instead being insulated by a thin layer of feathers, ranging in pigment from snow white through grays to muddy browns and tans to even black. A crane's beak ranges from tans and yellows to ebony, and their heads resemble that of a stork, with long slender necks, and flying feathers on their arms. Cranes reach maturity at about 13 but live to see 200 very often.

Playing a Galloux[edit]

Cranes can sometimes be found in human settlements and towns, since cranes find them fascinating and interesting, despite the low ceilings. They find beauty in all of nature, and many revere Melora or Pelor. Despite their spiritual heritage, city-dwelling cranes are suave, precise, and flamboyant and are commonly royal spies and advisors, using their intelligence and enigma. Among each other they refer to their race as Galloux instead of cranes.

Crane Characteristics: flamboyant, savvy, suave, charismatic, intelligent, precise, forthoughtful, agile, clever, enigmatic, witty, curious, idealistic

Male Names: Galais, Aetre, Keleaes, Beighndux, Golous, Felier, Riegier, Turiec, Jeaque

Female Names: Tuliel, Aerea, Fileu, Lillaue, Ereu, Rieghleagh, Fielei, Loereusse, Vilaes

Crane Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Crane adventurers are described below.

Galais is a crane rogue from the town of riverdale. He always begins his day by praying to Avandra and stealing a salmon from the local market. The shop owner is aware of this and knows Galais will pay him back eventually. Overall, Galais is content with his life but is always vigilant of evil, the defeat of which he hopes to repay the entire town with.

Ereu is a crane winglord and despite being in an adventuring group, feels entirely alone in the world. As a winglord she worships no deity, and thus has no divinity for support. Her teammates haven't noticed her sorrow, and are too busy defeating evil to do anything, but Ereu knows she'll find someone....

Felier is a crane wizard and a master of rituals. He has saved his party more than once thanks to his entire backpack full of ritual books and scrolls, but his true forte is cold magic, and his signature is his own ray of frost, of which he has found a way to enhance it, but he'll never tell it to anyone, not even his closest friends.

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