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Cosmos Blade[edit]

A legendary longsword forged in the heavens, this mighty blade is the sword said to have been created before the stars. This blade acts as a +5 longsword and has the abilities stated below. This weapon is always treated as Good-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction and can only be equipped to Good characters.

  1. The blade is serrated. In addition to normal damage, on a successful hit, this weapon also deals an additional 3d4 piercing damage.
  2. As a full round action, you can destroy 1 Evil-aligned character that is within 5 feet. The targeted creature can make a DC 15 Saving Throw to instead suffer 1d20 of damage. You must have knowledge of the target's alignment to use this ability. If the target's alignment is unkown, you cannot use this ability. If the target has abilities that prevent death-causing effects, this ability is negated.
  3. When you successfully deal normal damage with this sword to an Evil-aligned opponent, you may, at your own choice, deal additional damage equal 1/4 of the damage you just dealt (rounded up to the nearest 10) OR heal yourself for 1/2 of the damage you dealt (also rounded up to the nearest 10). You may choose to not use this ability if you would prefer.
  4. This sword imbues the wielder with courage, granting a +5 on all rolls having to do with overcoming fear.
  5. This sword makes the user have clarity of thought, granting a +3 Intelligence as long as it is equipped.
  6. If an Evil-aligned character attempts to equip this sword, the purity of the sword causing the character to take 3d20 damage and drop the sword. A character cannot die from this effect (if the character were to die, he or she would instead be reduced to 1 HP).
  7. If this sword is broken and requires reforging, the only way to get it reforged is with the aid of a Good-aligned deity.

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