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Size/Type: Large Construct
Hit Dice: 500d10000+2621440 (7621440 hp)
Initiative: Always acts first (+499)
Speed: Fly 5,901,426,338 ft. (perfect) (1,180,285,267 squares)
Armor Class: 1512 (-1 size, -1 Dex, +879 natural, +125 dodge, +500 Cosmic, touch 633, flat-footed -, 95% miss chance
Base Attack/Grapple: +500/+1004
Attack: Ultima Beam +1000 ranged (50000d100 divine fire)
Full Attack: Ultima Beam +1000 ranged (50000d100 divine fire)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./-
Special Attacks: Ultima Beam, Supernova, Undo Creation
Special Qualities: Alter Reality, Interdimensional, Transilient Reflexes and Will, Time Dilation, Omniversal, Omnidimensional, Elemental Immunity, Steady, Unearthly Construction, Damage Reduction 10000/-, Fast Healing 10000
Saves: Fort , Ref +∞, Will +∞
Abilities: Str 520, Dex 9, Con —, Int —, Wis 11, Cha 1
Environment: Deep Space
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 1000
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always Neutral
Level Adjustment:
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More information...

Ahead, you see a rectangular, black slab. Its surface is non-reflective and appears to be sharply cut, as if it was perfectly sculpted by the hand of creation. While it externally appears weak and harmless, something about it makes a chill run up your spine...

Cosmic monoliths are incredibly advanced robots made by the first entities to become omnipotent (Time Lords). Fashioned to act as cosmic swiss army knives, they are used to interact with the lower dimensions, ensuring the balance of life and the universe. Cosmic monoliths are 9 ft. tall, 4 ft wide, and have a thickness of 1 ft. The weight of cosmic monoliths are unknown.


Cosmic monoliths are horrifyingly dangerous opponents, capable of withstanding massive amounts of damage and dealing much in return with their Time Dilation and Omnidimensional abilities.

Ultima Beam (Ex): Once per round, a cosmic monolith can fire a line of divine fire with an effective range of 9001 miles. Anything struck by this beam takes 50000d100 fire damage. This damage is treated as divine and so cannot be ignored by creatures with immunity to fire, and it ignores all damage reduction and hardness. The line is only blocked if it encounters a solid object that it fails to destroy.

Supernova (Ex): Once every 5 rounds, a cosmic monolith may create a localized supernova centralized upon itself with a radius of 100 miles. This attack deals the following damage: -DC 760 Fortitude save to avoid disintegration (affects those immune to Death Effects) -10% of total hit points in damage -50000d100 in force damage -5000d100 in divine fire damage -100 points of damage to Str, Dex, and Con from radiation -Winds blast targets to the edge of the effect (100 miles from the monolith)

Undo Creation (Su): Once per minute, a cosmic monolith can attack any opponent with a ranged touch attack. If this hits, the target must immediately attempt a DC 760 Fortitude save or have their Hit Dice and Divine Rank reduced by 25%. This can only be undone if repaired by another cosmic monolith.

Alter Reality (Ex): Once per round as a free action, the cosmic monolith may duplicate a spell with a level up to 59, or an epic spell with a DC of up to 1023.

Interdimensional (Ex): All attacks against the cosmic monolith have a 95% miss chance.

Transilient Reflexes and Will (Ex): Cosmic monoliths never fail Reflex or Will saving throws.

Time Dilation (Ex): Cosmic monoliths may take 2 rounds worth of actions on its turn.

Omniversal (Ex): Each attack the cosmic monolith deals is dealt to all enemies within 1 mile.

Omnidimensional (Ex): A duplicate of the cosmic monolith forms each round. These duplicates are identical in that they cannot use the Omnidimensional ability, and disappear when the original is killed.

Elemental Immunity (Ex): Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire and Sonic damage heal the cosmic monolith point for point, and the damage is reflected among every enemy within 1 mile.

Steady (Ex): A cosmic monolith is immovable unless it chooses to move, and so cannot be knocked back, teleported, plane shifted, bull rushed, ect. unless it chooses to do so.

Unearthly Construction (Ex): Cosmic monoliths are made by High Lords and Supernals. They use d10000s for hit dice and have maximum hit points. They also gain a Cosmic bonus to stats equal to their hit dice. In addition, cosmic monoliths cannot ever be Flat-Footed. This thing is ridiculous. Good luck.

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