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Corrupted Aasimar[edit]

This is a Subrace for the Race Aasimar -- When Angels fall and get taken by High Demons to Hell, they torture them and brainwash them to do their bidding on earth while they cant. The High Demon will send a Devil to go make a deal and get their now Corrupted Angels spirit into a mortal, keeping it on earth and unable to fully die, these 'Spirits' can vary in power, it all depends on the Angels that has been corrupted, while a mortal has the spirit inside them they gain some strength the Angel has, but not fully, although their power can shine through sometimes. The name of the spirit that enhabits them usually comes to them in their dream, where they are able to communicate with them in the underworld, usually driving the host mad. (work this in with ur dm if you choose) (THIS SUBRACE MIGHT/IS BROKEN. USE WITH CAUTION)

Ability Score Increase/Decrease. Your Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution score increase by 1. Your intelligence and Wisdom lower by 2.
Corrupted Soul. Starting at 3rd level, the Corrupted Angel spirit tied to your soul comes out, your face melts off and a skull lit with hellfire appears, any other skin showing melts and shows your bones and is lit with hellfire, you now have true sight up to 30ft and get alerted when an evil-aligned entity is within 30ft of you. When you turn you have expertise in intimidation and insight, anyone that is grappled to you when you turn makes a strength check with a DC of 17, on a fail they fly back 10ft and get knocked prone, after anyone that is/starts grappling you takes 2d6 fire damage and 1d4 necrotic damage per turn, negating resistances. When turned you have +10 to walking speed, and the hellfire surrounding you cant be put out by any non-magical means (any amount of water included). While in this form you do 1d4 fire damage more damage to any weapon you hold negating resistances, you are immune to fire damage. you also gain proficiency with chain whips or chains of any kind. You can turn into this form half of your level rounded down per long rest for 10 min each, if you attempt to change past that you take 1 level of exhaustion and cant change for 24 hours. if your hitpoints drop below 1 while in this form you revert to your regular form and become unconscious.
Forever Undead. When/if your character dies, you or any other member of your party can make a character using your past spirit, and have the memories of where it has been, and what it has seen.

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