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Monsters and color/mana cost[edit]

Well heres where im gonna post some stuff on creature type vs. color. Bannanameds (talk) 21:38, 3 May 2017 (UTC)



Celestials, Gold dragons, air elementals


Anything aquatic really, blue and bronze dragons, Water elementals


Beasts, Plants, Fey, green and copper dragons, earth elementals


Fiends, red and brass dragons, fire elementals.


Undead, oozes, black and shadow dragons.


Abberations, constucts

Humanoids and giants will be classified by flavor/class. Monstrosities will be multicolored.

Mana Costs for Monsters[edit]

Okay so summoning monsters is going to go by CR. so lets say that i wanted to summon a red dragon wyrmling, It has a CR of 4, and its a red creature, so its mana cost would be four of any color and a red mana. The formula for mana cost and creatures should be as follows:

CR of the creature in mana of any color and of the creatures color, then 1 mana of the creatures color for every 5 CR.

Creatures with a CR of less than 1 have a mana cost of one mana of the creatures color.

And for the sake of not breaking the game, id say only keep the CR of the creatures to 20 and below.

When summoning creatures of a CR of 1 or less, you may summon two of a CR of 1/2, 3 of 1/4, and 4 of 1/8.

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