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Combine Grenade[edit]

A Combine Grenade
Size Small
Range Increment 10ft
Type Slashing
Purchase DC 25
Restriction Mil (+3)
Damage 3d6
Rate of Fire
Weight 2 lbs
Burst Radius 25ft

Combine Grenade[edit]

The Combine Grenade is the main explosive weapon used by the Combine Overwatch on Earth. It is similar in appearance to a smoke grenade, but that's where the similarities end. The Combine Grenade has a maximum blast radius of about 50ft. Anything within 25ft of the blast takes the listed damage, regardless of saving throws. Anything within 50ft, but not within 25ft may take a reflex save, DC 18, in order to take half damage from the blast.

When the pin of a Combine Grenade is pulled, it begins to emit a chirping sound, which can be heard from anywhere within 30ft with no listen check. The Combine Grenade also emits a red light, visible as long as the grenade is within line-of-sight of the player or NPC.

The Combine Grenade, due to it's cylindric shape, can roll down slopes or along solid ground. If a Combine Grenade is thrown, it will roll a maximum of twice the length of the throw and a minimum of 1/2 the length of the throw, decided by the GM. This roll can be avoided with a successful Slight of Hand check, DC 15.

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