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College of the Subterfuge[edit]

The hardest of all lies are the ones we tell our loved ones.

The world as we know is formed by a mixture of light and darkness, that is what has been believed for a long time. But although that assumption is not entirely wrong, it is misleading as it states that they are made in equal proportion. The College of the Subterfuge is composed of men that believe that our world is a dark and cruel place to be, with pain, misfortune, and tragedy being everywhere. As hard as these times can be, it is their duty to lessen the suffering of others, and for that purpose, lies, and masks are acceptable means to do so. Lies are nothing more than a distortion of reality that can reduce the weight that burdens the hearts of men and a fake smile that inspire joy is necessary to lead the people to prevail against the darkest night. To deceive the ones they want to save and kill their inner sincerity is a painful job to do, but they will gladly embrace this world's darkness and endure that pain.

Sweet Lies[edit]

As you get into the College of the Subterfuge, at 3rd level, you acquire proficiency in Deception and Performance, if you don't have them yet. You also receive advantage in Charisma (Deception) and Charisma (Performance) checks, as long as it is intended to spare the targeted creatures of a harmful event. The effect of the check cannot be more harmful than the event that was prevented.


Beginning at the 3rd level, you learn how to wordlessly influence the hearts of people. You understand that rather than the power of words and voice, expression itself is the essence of magic, being capable of creating magical bounds simply by wearing a mask to be seen by others. You learn how to forge some unique kinds of masks and imbue them with magical energy, allowing them to partake in some effects while you are wearing them. You start with only one mask of your choice. To forge new masks, you must spend 8 hours manufacturing it and 50 gp to buy the materials for each of them. You can have as many masks as you wish, but you must spend a short or long rest to attune to them. You can attune to one mask and additional ones at the 6th and the 11th level.

Painful Encouragement[edit]

At the start of the 6th level, you are able to consume your own vitality reserves to gain the courage to support your allies. At the start of your turn, you may choose to lose a hit dice in exchange for recharging a bardic inspiration. You can only use this feature once per turn.

Paragon of Hope[edit]

At the 14th level, your efforts to protect the hope and to defend the people of their own demons cannot be held back, and it only gets stronger when it is close to being suffocated. Whenever your inspiration dices roll a 1, you can reroll them. You must keep that roll.


Mask of Fraternity[edit]

This is an opera mask composed of a white-skinned face with a fair and long smile.

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