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Back to Main Page5e HomebrewCharacter OptionsSubclasses [[Category:]] Electrician Inventor When you chose this college you devote yourself to the invention of new technology to enhance your bardic ablitiies Like electric instruments, amps, mics, and more. You gain proficiency in tinkers tools and Electricians tools and it cost half the amount materials to invent electronics or mod them.

Magic Battery

Your new inventions are powered by electricity and need a power source. At level 1 you discover a way to focus your magic energy into a large crystal based battery every long rest (as an action after releasing the energy it already has) to power your inventions. At 3rd you are able put more magic energy into the battery to power your inventions new modifications that have different effects. Starting at level 3 every time you put your magic energy into the battery, your battery gains charges equal to your spell casting modifier + your proficiency bonus. You may as an action spend a spell slot to add another charge. At the end of 24 hours the crystal that the battery uses to operate is straind with magic energy and is unable to keep it contained and releases all of its charges and you have to spend time charging it with magic again. Regardless of how many charges the battery has, every time you charge it enough to power to give your inventions electricity for 2 days, after thoghose 2 days it either dies if it has 0 charges or extends a charge for another 2 days of electricity.

Arcane Modifications At level 3 you began modifying your intentions with bits and bobs that are able to use the energy from the battery to power magical effects. you start with 3 arcane modifications the effects of which spend a battery charge to activate. you add an arcane modification every time you level up (this does not limit adding normal modifications like changing or adding something to your invention that isn't necessary magical an example being adding stings, changing the sound, or adding lights. Of Course adding this doesn't just happen you would probably have to do a tinkers or Electricians check or more DM’s discretion)

Arcane Modification list You may choose from this list or work together with your DM for a more specific mod

Spellslinger: on your turn you may spend a charge(s) to replace one of your spell slots and cast a known spell as an added action. Lv1-2(1 charge), Lv3-4(2 charges), Lv 5-6(3 charges), Lv 7-8(4 charges), Lv 9(5 charges)

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