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THE CLERICS OF THOR, GOD OF THUNDER Hit Dice 1d8 1. All priests of Thor must have a minimum of 12 in wisdom and 12 in strength. 2. All Thor's priests must become proficient in HAMMER by 7th level or not gain additional experience until they are. They may forget their proficiency in one weapon in order to replace it with proficiency in HAMMER. They must still take the time to learn HAMMER if they choose this option. Though not required, it is suggested that each of Thor's priests gain their first weapon proficiency in LONG SWORD and their second in hammer. 3. All of Thor's priests must be Chaotic Good in alignment. 4. Thor's major spheres of influence are: ALL, ANIMAL, ASTRAL, CHARM, COMBAT, DIVINATION, HEALING, NECROMANTIC, PROTECTION, and WEATHER. 5. Thor's minor spheres of influence are: CREATION, ELEMENTAL, GUARDIAN, PLANT, SUMMONING, and SUN. Thor's clerics are aggressive when necessary, as Thor is the god of war and combat in many lands. Unlike many of the upper or elite warriors and leaders who seek Odin's advice, practically all men and women who deal with battle respect Thor, and this makes Thor's worship much more widely spread. Here is a list of the seven special spells known to the clerics of Thor in addition to the regular number they already know. Each number indicates the spell's level (and not the level of the priest needed to cast the spell). 1. MEGINJARDER: Named after Thor's magical girdle of strength, this spell increases the priest's strength and even allows him or her to fight with a warrior's exceptional strength (if high enough in level). The duration of this spell is 1 hour/spell slot used to cast. The priest's strength is found on the table below:

Strength Table Level Of Priest Granted Strength ATK Bonus DMG Bonus 1 15 +3 +3 2 16 +3 +3 3 17 +4 +4 4 18 +4 +4 5 19 +5 +5 6 20 +5 +5 7 21 +6 +6 8 22 +6 +6 9 23 +7 +7 10 24 +7 +7 11 or more 25 +8 +8

2. THOR'S HAMMER: Once cast, if the priest is wielding a hammer or hammer like weapon, they may attack on the warrior's attack tables as if they were a warrior of a level equal to their clerical level. i.e., a 9th level priest would attack as a 9th level warrior as far as their base Attack was concerned. 3. LIGHTNING HAMMER: Once cast upon a hammer (magical or otherwise), the priest may throw this hammer ONCE and if it hits the AC of the target opponent, in addition to the normal damage the hammer does, it will inflict 1d6 electrical damage/level of the spell slot used to cast it (save vs. spell for Full or 1/2 the electrical damage). The range of the hammer is up to a hammer's normal long range, but no penalty for throwing a hammer is given. i.e., short, medium, and long range all have no penalty to hit. Naturally, one cannot throw the hammer further than this. If the hammer misses its mark but still would have hit at least AC 10, there is an electrical discharge upon the target anyway for 2d6 damage (save vs. spell for 1/2 or none). If it misses entirely, the spell fades. At the end of the spell the hammer returns to the wielder unless magically blocked. 4. SONG HAMMER: This spell will place a magic enchantment upon a hammer equivalent to +1/3 levels or fraction thereof of the priest. This bonus is not to exceed +5 in any event. If placed upon a magic hammer it is not cumulative with the hammer's normal bonuses but may supersede them. i.e., if a 9th level priest cast this spell upon a +2 hammer, since the spell would make a +3 hammer, the hammer will be +3. If the same priest cast this spell upon a magic +4 hammer, the hammer will remain only +4, but the other song benefits will still apply. The duration of this spell is 1 day for every plus that is granted. The spell's name is derived from the fact that each time such an enchanted hammer hits an opponent, a chime like ring issues forth. This song-like ring causes all opponents not in combat already to make save vs. spell or turn and flee. They continue running but may save each round until they are exhausted or finally make save. After making save, they may do as they wish as normal. 5. BLUDGEON BARRIER: This is similar to the Blade Barrier spell in the PHB. Exception are it is obtained at 5th level rather than 6th (one level lower), and it uses d6s rather than d8s. The whirling barrier is, thus, a bludgeoning wall rather than blades. 6. CONTROL WEATHER: This is similar to Control Weather in the PHB. The only significant difference is this is a 6th level spell rather than a 7th level spell. 7. MJOLNIR: Named after Thor's hammer, this spell grants certain properties to any hammer. The hammer will be +5. If thrown, it never misses and will inflict normal hammer damage (+5 more for the +5 bonus, plus the strength bonus of the priest, plus any electrical dice the priest chooses to include after it scores a hit). On the following round, the priest may summon the hammer back to them and it will magically appear in their hand, though the priest may do nothing else that round except move up to half their normal movement. It does not matter if there is a barrier or someone else holds or blocks the hammer (unless they use magic to trap it, like inside a wall of force or anti-magic shell), the hammer will still return if summoned. The round after retrieving it, the priest may throw the hammer again. For each level the priest has obtained the hammer will have 1d6 potential electrical damage. They may use this potential in 1d6 increments, all at once, or somewhere in between. This aspect of the spell, and magic resistance or other magical protections notwithstanding does not affect creatures immune to electricity; there is no save vs. this electrical damage. Once all the electrical potential is used up, the hammer will no longer add further electrical damage, but it continues to operate in the other ways described above until the duration of the spell is exceeded. The duration of this spell is 1 turn/level. SPECIAL ABILITIES FOR PRIESTS OF THOR Once / week, the priests of Thor may ask a single question to which the answer may be yes or no. They will receive the appropriate answer from Thor or his hierarchy. Since Thor is not omniscient, typically the answer is "I don't know," when the priest ask things like "What's behind that wall?" or similar questions, but when they ask about Thor's wishes or desires or other, less hidden, information, the answer will become clear. All of Thor's clerics have special bonuses vs. Giants (Hill Giants, Frost Giants, Fire Giants, etc., and not "giant class" creatures like gnolls or lesser beings). When in combat with them, the priest will have a +1 bonus to hit and a +2 bonus to damage with any melee weapon. Missile weapons only gain a +1 bonus to hit (but no bonus to damage).

Thor's priests gain the following skills for free (no cost).

1. Intimidation 2. Nature 3. Athletics

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