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Clay Golems[edit]


Clay Golems act differently depending on the golem. Some are passive, and exist simply to exist, not having a care in the world. Some are curious of the world around them, and explore, making friends. Some, who have been abused by others, grow hostile, and destroy anything that seems to threaten them with a unstoppable rage, like a rolling boulder.

Physical Description[edit]

Height: 2' - 15' Skin Color: Any Color of clay. Clay Golem's eyes are usually just small indents in the face. They almost always have a blank expression


Clay Golems get along well with any races that will accept them, however some Golems develop hatred for those that try to enslave them, or those that seek to destroy them. This hatred is difficult to form, but once made, it is set in stone, until someone of that species shows them a great kindness.


Usually Neutral unless they have a master, if they have a evil master then the Golem will be evil and the same applies to good masters.


Clay Golems are either created by aspiring Golem constructors, or by random acts of magic in areas with a high amount of clay, such as a rivers bed. As such, Clay Golems are found all over the world, and are not to all uncommon.


Clay Golems have no religions normally, but may adopt one during their travels, being easily converted by clerics due to their curious, and naive nature, or begin to follow evil gods to enact their revenge upon those who have wronged them.


Golems understands Common but does not speak any languages


Golems are named whatever their master or masters choose. Golems with no master and are sentient will not go by any name unless someone names them.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +6 Strength, -4 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -4 Charisma : Clay Golems are strong and tough, but they are clumsy and lack social skills.
  • Construct:
  • Small to Huge:
  • Clay Golem base land speed is 40 feet:
  • Darkvision 120ft
  • Always Aware: Clay Golems do not fall unconscious and are not disabled at 0 hp
  • Simple Mind: Clay Golems are immune to mind-affecting spells/abilities
  • Natural Body: Golems cannot regain hit points naturally, they are immune to crits and non-lethal damage, Clay Golems cannot be resurrected.
  • Solid Innards: Clay Golems do not eat, drink, sleep or breath. They are not affected by heal or inflict wounds spells. They are immune to poison.
  • Old as Stone: Clay Golems do not age and can not die of old age.
  • Time Immemorial: Clay Golems regain hp via remaining inactive. They regain 1hp per level per hour of inactivity, while in combat there is a 1 and 4 chance of the enemies weapon being stuck inside of the Golem, unless the weapon is magical, for someone to take out the non magical weapon they will need to pass a Dc of 10+ str mod:
  • DR 5/magic
  • Natural Armour Bonus: +4
  • Heavy Footing: -10 to swim checks
  • Automatic Languages: Understands Common. Bonus Languages: Any.
  • Favored Class: Fighter.
  • Level Adjustment: +2

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