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Campaign Setting: Worlds Collide
Players Guide
Races available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Classes and archetypes available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Backgrounds available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Various gear, goods, equipment and magical items available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Rules of magic in the Worlds Collide setting, including basic uses and practices in nine worlds.
Prominent and not-so-much-prominent deities in the Worlds Collide setting.

About Worlds Collide

Nine Worlds
Nine worlds in Material Plane, overlapped and shattered by the Worlds Collide incident.
Astral Planes, Ethereal Planes, Elemental Planes, and many other demiplanes that exist "above" the nine worlds.
Underdark and many other demiplanes that exist "below" the nine worlds.
Monsters and miscellaneous creatures from nine worlds, overworlds, and underworlds.
Notable individuals and organizations in nine worlds, overworlds, and underworlds.

Dungeon Master's Guide

To be added.


The following list describes the classes and archetypes available for the Worlds Collide setting.

Unless noted otherwise, all classes and archetypes listed in Player's Handbook is available in the Worlds Collide setting.


Many corners of the nine worlds are still at its primal, natural shape, untouched and untarnished by sentient hands. Those who dare live in the wildest land of the nine worlds are at the hand of the nature's mercy. They eat, wear, and take shelter as the wilderness provides them, and their life is at constant peril under the only code - the survival of the fittest.

Even the mighty iron hand of Questus Empire would dare not touch the frigid land of Kaotischinye, and thus it still remains in its cold, silent peace. Carved by the frigid wind that slices through thick fur and hide, molded by the blizzards and frostbites that often takes more than a finger and a toe, the local tribes of Kaotischinye introduces the mightiest of who are known as the primal warriors.

Not all barbarians are half-naked savages who emulate the merciless savagery of the wild. The "knights" of the Bloodless Court is armor-clad savages who embodies the merciless savagery of the sentience. They kill, pillage, and violate whatever they can get their hands on, all for the glory to the mysterious Crimson King.
Although the Crimson King seldom refuses a lawless criminal who wants to wear the blood-smudged plates, being a member of the Bloodless Court is not an easy path. Two out of five pages die from the training, and another two live slightly longer than their first quest. Only the survivors are worthy of kneeling before their King and become the unrighteous knight who will roam the earth of the nine worlds, waving the blood-soaked flag.




Once a descendant of mighty clans of Ack-Tzu, the Near-Garden family was deeply fascinated by the wilderness of Zhouhun as they were driven away from their homeland. Instead of fighting their way back, the Near-Garden family decided to settle in Zhouhun, embracing the life guided by the wild. Legend tells that Okham Near-Garden, the first son of the family who stepped the molden earth of Zhouhun, was guided by a handsome wolf, who tamed him to fit in the forest. In memory of the canine mentor, the Near-Garden family vows their friendship to wild dogs and wolves.







  • Sorcerous Origin: Wild Magic (PHB)
Fhwtxyh-H'Tw is a strange demiplane, even stranger than its own name. Nothing is certain in Fhwtxyh-H'Tw, nothing is absolute in Fhwtxyh-H'Tw, except for the fact that Fhwtxyh-H'Tw is unpredictable. Yes, it is that kind of demiplane.
Scholars have observed that in a very irregular interval (which is somewhat expected for the Weird Demiplane) does Fhwtxyh-H'Tw lets out a streak of uncontrolled magic, which develops into a chaotic force that causes likewise chaotic incidents all around the Nine Worlds. Those who unfortunately wound up in the chaotic upsurge of magic may be infused with the wildest streak of magic, and their life will be changed forever, if the magic does not change them into a shade of greenish purple first.


  • Otherwordly Patron: The Archfey (PHB)
Among many dragons in the nine worlds, two of them are actively seeking adventurers' helping hands.
Ghyreth of the volcanic world of Honaak is an ancient red dragon with an unexceptional intellect and ambition. His cult has devoted an entire fort of Ghyreth-Vaanyl for "the Rightful Dominator of Nine Worlds", and apparently Ghyreth never refuses these gullible fools who would even die for his service.
Thesixantis, on the other hand, wants adventurers' service for a reason completely remote from her ambition. As a brass dragon, Thesixantis is inherently social and talkative, to the point that she decided living among mortal humanoids is far more interesting than dwelling in her lair. As Thea Sethene, one of the most renowned dame of Nomimkal, Thesixantis seeks a bold character who would notice that she is not like the others, and entertain her with tales and adventures from the other eight worlds.
  • Otherwordly Patron: The Great Old One (PHB)
  • Otherwordly Patron: The Undying (SCAG)


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