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In addition to all of the standard SRD classes, and most sourcebook classes, all of the classes mentioned on this page are avialable to players in the Island of Ilyon campaign setting. Some SRD classes might be mentioned because of a change of outlook (such as "Paladins only revere Pelor" or something like that).

Base Classes[edit]

Changes to Prexisting Base Classes[edit]


All Wizards, Sorcerers, and Warlocks must belong to a guild house, or at least have a faction brand somewhere on their body where anyone walking by can easily see it. This is usually just the symbol of the guild, but can also include the rank of the wearer, or any honorifics the bearer has recived. The symbol can be in the form of a tatoo, or a personal effect (such as a necklace). The bearer must show his symbol if there is a need for him/her to use magic. Unauthorized magic-users are hounded after by anyone who thinks they can catch them. The Miheath Hunter is especially effective at finding and capturing illegal mages. See the link for information on Psions, wilders, and Psychic Warriors

Divine Casters and Other[edit]

Psychic warriors, clerics, and druids are not required to have a Faction Mark, but clerics are likely to have one, because the purchase of religious symbol normally requires a user to present a Faction Mark at the place of the dealer. This is so there are not any false preachers out and wandering the world. Paladins are also likely to have them, even if just to show their loyalty to the church.

Druids are hardly ever found with them, seeing as they channel the the sheer power of nature and rarely require symbols to their god. Some druids still wish to get them, so they can show their allegiance to a faction thats' motives include forwarding their cause, and empowering nature.

Psychic warriors often get the Faction Mark show their allegiance, and to just get that cool prison-hardened vibe that brands-to-the-flesh that normally give off.

New Base Classes[edit]

Echo Knife[edit]

Echo Knives are a result of the culture of the city Ventremyr, and the echoes that constantly reverberate around the massive bronze towers inside of the city. The Echo Knife class is split into multiple different sects, along with some free Knives running about. These rogues are hunted relentlessly by the sect that they originally belonged to, because having rogue Echo Knives runing around wearing your tattoo, and using your combat techniques does things to your prestige as a sect.

Psionic Base Classes[edit]

Changes to Prexisting Psionic Base Classes[edit]

New Psionic Base Classes[edit]

Prestige Classes[edit]

Changes to Prexisting Prestige Classes[edit]

New Prestige Classes[edit]

Psionic Prestige Classes[edit]

Changes to Prexisting Psionic Prestige Classes[edit]

New Psionic Prestige Classes[edit]

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