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Base Classes[edit]


Fighters are the most common, and most appreciated of the fighting classes. They are common all around Baronan, though less common in Illadia, as they don’t often use magic.

They are often hired as explorers, guards and soldiers, but most often they join or start adventuring parties.

There are some fighters who lend their services as mercenaries or bodyguards for important criminal leaders, but these are few and far between.

Arcane Archer[edit]

A common fighter subclass, better known in Illadia, as they use magic.

Battle Master[edit]

Battle masters are particularly well thought of, particularly as guards or soldiers.


The brute is less well thought of than other fighter subclasses, and has the reputation of being more rash, more like a barbarian. Brute fighters are more likely to become mercenaries and soldiers than other fighter subclasses.


The Cavalier is a common subclass, especially in the grasslands of Dystra, and in Sanato and Chyras, but they are found everywhere. There is a special group of cavaliers that ride into the eastern wastelands of Dorga, called The Riders of Dorga, and they hunt down and kill orc tribes, and try and provide a barrier to stop orc tribes entering the rest of Dorga.

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