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Cirque Du Maboul[edit]

Intended for four adventurers of levels 4-8.

The circus is in town! What could go wrong? Fairly easy to add to any campaign where adventurers travel from town to town.

  • Prep Time 1/2 to 2 hours
  • Play Time 1 to 3 hours

Quest Introduction[edit]

In the distance stands a large multi colored tent, upbeat music and loud animals can be heard from inside, outside the tent stands a tall bald man yelling for all to come to the Cirque du Maboul. Horrors of which the players have never seen dwell in this tent, but nobody knows until it’s too late. Can the party survive the night? [Remind you of Baldur's Gate II?] The variable time and prep are based on how much the DM wants to spruce up the NPCs and add style to the adventure. Large amounts of description for has not been provided for many NPCs so that DMs may personalize them to fit their individual campaigns.


In the Area there is a circus that has recently shown up, but nobody has been seen returning from the circus. [Yup, sounds like BG2.] DMs are encouraged to create a personalized set of rumors that the players can hear in town.


PC's see a loud and colorful tent in the distance.


The circus has not been in town long. the players may have already heard of the circus in other towns, and may even have come to town following the circus. Or, the players may be returning to town, and by chance, the circus is here.


  • Gusho – ringmaster of the circus, a tall bald man with a loud voice, leads the performers in their sick ways.
  • Karin – trapeze artist, a beautiful but vicious woman, able to climb walls.
  • Harkin – strong man, 7ft and 300 pounds of pure muscle and grit.
  • Wesley – Animal Tamer, newest to the circus, in love with Karin, will befriend the players, but will turn on them if they decide to kill Karin.
  • Leo – Wesley’s pet, a Lion of immense size, but a kitten at heart.
  • Murray & Amelia – clowns, husband and wife, seem silly, but underestimate them and you’ll be met with a flurry of blades.
  • Tick, Tock, & Boom – triplets of Murray and Amelia, explosive experts.
  • Robert – Dwarf Cleric of Pelor, member of the audience.


  • Harkin’s Bastard sword - +2 Sword, Bastard,
  • Karin’s Quarterstaff – Quarterstaff,
  • Murray & Amelia’s Knives – ¨Slice and Dice¨, two +2 Daggers,
  • Tick, Tock, & Boom’s Molotov recipe – one person may read and thus be able to make a Molotov, ingredients – alcohol, tindertwig, parchment, takes one minute per Molotov,
  • Wesley’s Whip - +2 Whip, +2 handle animal while equipped,
  • 100 gold pieces per player,
  • 10 bottles of cheap wine,
  • 5 tindertwigs,
  • 5 sheets of parchment

Stage One: The Circus gates[edit]

The players can either watch the performance and go on to stage two, or investigate and continue with stage one. If the players do not watch the performance then they can search all of the performers cabin’s while the show goes on. Each one of the cabins has a lock of DC 25. The players will have a set time limit for how long they can search and that time is up to the DM. IN Harkin’s cabin there are various weights and a half eaten steak. In Karin’s cabin is work out equipment and a photo of her with Wesley, and a photo of her and 3 other people (her two brothers and her sister) In Wesley’s cabin is a matching photo of Karin’s photo of the two and a note on the table telling of how he can’t live like this anymore and was going to run away with Karin if she would come, no details otherwise. The Clown family has assorted knives and chemicals. Once the players break into Gusho’s tent they will be found and Stage Two will begin.

Stage Two: The Knockout & The Rescue[edit]

Once the show has stopped and the players attempt to leave the players will be snuck up upon and knocked out. The players will wake up several hours later bound and gagged in the ringmaster’s cabin. Along with the players is Robert, another member of the audience. The players must make a DC 12 escape artist check to be released from their bonds. If the players do not succeed in a couple of tries then Wesley will soon show up and begin talking to them. Wesley will inform them that they have been chosen to become Gusho’s sacrifices for the evening. Wesley informs them that Gusho made a pact with demons a century ago to preserve his health and to keep him in working condition he formed a circus to draw in unwary travelers to make as sacrifices. He tells them that all but him and Karin have been affected by the curse, but tonight is the night Karin will be taken in. Karin has been emotionally unstable ever since her siblings were slaughtered and is working for Gusho in hopes of reviving them, what she doesn’t know is that Gusho is the one that killed them. Wesley will befriend you in trade to free Karin. Wesley is a level 5 human druid with a level 5 lion companion. Once free Robert will also befriend your party, he is a level 4 dwarf Cleric of Pelor.

Wesley and Robert will leave your party and secure an escape path while the players must find Karin and convince her to leave. In the main stage area a ceremony is ready to take place and Karin is in her cabin getting ready. If the players use stealth they may sneak past Harkin making a DC 15 on move silently and hide checks, otherwise they must defeat him, Harkin is a level 8 human barbarian. Once at the cabin the players are able to come into the cabin freely. Karin will not initially attack. The players must make a DC 25 bluff check to convince Karin to come with them, if the players mention Karin’s family not approving of her methods make the DC change to 15. If the players succeed on the bluff check then she will come quietly and even fight with you. If the players fail the bluff check Karin will enact a surprise round. Karin is a level 6 ranger with a level 2 monkey companion. If the player use non-lethal damage and knock her unconscious then she may be carried by one of the players, if trying to hold her and fight at the same time the player will take a -8 to attack rolls, players may also use a sleep spell or the like, players must be creative. If the players use lethal damage then the players must beat her to 10 hit points or less but still above zero, she will then ask they spare her life. If the players agree she will come quietly, if not, then the quest is failed. If the players have saved Karin they will advance to Stage Three

Stage Three: Escape![edit]

Once Karin has been convinced or taken the players must now make it to their escape route behind the tent. If the players snuck past Harkin before he now sees them no matter what and attacks. If he was defeated earlier then the players will notice with a DC 5 spot that his body is gone. The players may now move for the circus gates to find Wesley. Once the players see Wesley in sight the must then make a DC 15 on Reflex or be hit for 1d10 fire damage by a Molotov. Murray and Amelia will then appear from the shadows with Tick, Tock, and Boom in tow. Murray & Amelia are both level 6 rogues and Tick, Tock, & Boom are all level 2 wizards/rogues. Once the fight is finished the players may meet up with Wesley and Robert, where they will each be healed 1d10 HP, then Stage 4

Stage Four: Final Battle[edit]

Once Robert has finished healing the players what he could loud cackling will begin to echo from all around them. Gusho will appear in the air and summon five zombies to aid him in the fight; Gusho is a level 9 sorcerer and summons level 4 zombie fighters. During the fight the players may instruct Wesley, Karin, and Robert to either heal or shoot once per round. If heal is chosen then three players may be healed 1d8 damage, if shoot is chosen then three random zombies will be hit for 1d6 damage each. Once Gusho is defeated his zombies will crumble to dust, if the zombies are all killed first Gusho will take a turn to summon more. (he may only summon 8 zombies in total.) Once Gusho is defeated Wesley and Karin will embrace and say their thanks and Robert will give them a hearty thank you as well. Once the players have finished the quest they may search the circus to find all of the treasure listed in the treasure list.

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