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The Circlet of the All Seeing was created by the god Bane for his most acclompished and long lived priest. It was made to be a beneficial item, but because of the pure evil nature of the priest, it was a consuming curse. For decades, the priest wore the circlet, never taking it off for the fear of the blindness he would experience, the loss of it's powers. Eventually the astonishing powers of the circlet, and his covited greed for it, destroyed him. After his death the circlet was taken by his successor, a priest known as "The Bane of Bane". After having control of it's powers for a few days the new owner saw the errors of his life and started to question his calling.

During the Time of Troubles, when the gods walked Faerun, Bane came to his priest and demanded the use of the Circlet. The priest, having now seen Bane in the flesh, rejected his deity and fled. At it's last appearence the circlet was seen worn by a priest of Mystra.


When worn, the Circlet of the All Seeing grants these properties to it's bearer:

True Seeing: Constant
Ultravision: Constant
Telepathic Link: At will (communicate with any intelligent creature within sight
Omnicient sight: 1x per day (covers a 5mi square radius)
Eagle Eye: 3x per day (increases view distance by 1 mile. Duration: 2 rounds per
character level)
Read Minds: 2x per day (allows bearer to read the thoughts of target intelligent 
 creature. Duration: 5 min per character level. Will save DC15 plus character level)
Mind Control: 1x per day (control 1 creature by mind except against alignment or 
 natural fear. Will save DC20 plus 1 per character intelligence point. 
Duration: 1 round per character level)

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