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Child of Nature[edit]

You grew up in a forest or been effected by nature.
Benefit: The character gets +2 bonus to his Fortitude save, reflecting his/her diet and living in sometimes extreme weather conditions. The character also always treats Handle Animal and Survival as class skills. The character also chooses one of the following three extraordinary abilities: Animal Companion, Nature Sense, Wild Empathy, described in the Druid class entry, with the following differences:
  • Animal Companion: You cannot release your companion from service; an animal companion that has perished can be raised; to get a new animal companion, you must domesticate it, as by handle animal skill; you may not select your companion from alternative lists of animals, regardless of your character's level; this animal companion doesn't get the extraordinary abilities listed in the "Special" column in "The Druid’s Animal Companion" table. If your character is a druid or ranger with this trait, or has levels in any other class that grants an animal companion, he gets this animal companion because of this trait, and a regular animal companion from his class levels.
  • Nature Sense: You get a +2 bonus on Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks; if your character is a druid, or has levels in any other class that grants this ability, the total bonus given by all instances of this ability equals 2n-1, where n represents the number of classes that grant him this ability.
  • Wild Empathy: You don't add druid levels (if any) to determine the result of the check, but your CL.
Drawback: Being a child of nature you attract wild life both being good and bad.
Special: In your character's background, there must be a reference to him being raised in the wilds or effected by, either by some reclusive humanoids, or by animals.
Roleplaying Ideas: Mostly explained under special and under the drawback.

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