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Child of A War God[edit]

CoA.jpg This background is a more balanced and specific revision of my previous work, Godspawn

Few mortals can claim to be a demigod. But fewer still can claim the parentage that you possess. Your mother was courted by the mighty god of war, "Insert D&D god". Together they sired you, a true child of a War God itself. Do you strive to earn his respect through bloody battles with a weapon in hand? Or do you seek independence as a mage, or even more drastic, a pacifist? Do you hope to one day battle at his side? Or do you crave the chance to clash your steel to his in an epic battle between father and child?

Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation, Perception

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple and Martial Weapons

Equipment: Any simple or martial melee weapon (a gift from your father which has a unique look), a set of bone dice or a deck of cards, common clothes, and a pouch containing 30 gold.

Feature: Call to Arms[edit]

Due to the battle instincts from your father or mother, you find it easier to rally others to your cause. Whether commoners or soldiers, those around you feel more inclined to accompany you into battle against your foes. The more likely the victory, the easier it becomes to convince others to fight at your side.

Alternate Feature: Soldier's Sanctuary[edit]

You know the location of all army camps and outposts in the land and can seek refuge at any one of them due to your parentage. You must be in good standing with the particular division and are expected to earn your keep by doing such tasks as helping the smithy or even participating in battles. If you are in particularly high standing with the division, they may supply you and your party with food and water, and perhaps even surplus weaponry or armor.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

You may use these characteristics or use your imagination.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I constantly feel the need to impress those around me.
2 One day, my father and I will battle side by side in a battle of blood and glory.
3 I yearn for the day I lead my own army into battle as general.
4 I may have a god of war for a father, but I denounce unnecessary violence.
5 I may not swing a sword well, but I can burn your face off with a fireball.
6 This world is mine to conquer.
7 I train so I might one day duel Father and win his true respect.
8 War is all I know. Peace is a scary idea to me.
d8 Ideal
1 Discipline. An army without discipline is like a sword with no edge. (Any)
2 Order. I do not question the authority of my commanding officer, as those below me do not question mine. (Lawful)
3 Pacifism. Battling for peace is like screaming for silence. (Neutral)
4 Wrath. All those that stand in my way will taste my blade. (Evil)
5 Honor. I will bring honor to my regiment, my father, and my land. (Good)
6 Frenzy. Every second spent developing a plan is another second the enemy has to ready their defenses. (Chaotic)
7 Nonconformity. Not every Child of Ares has to be a sword swinging brute. (Any)
8 Duty. It is my responsibility to ensure the safety of those I care for. (Good)
d6 Bond
1 My regiment is the only family I need.
2 I still care deeply for my mother, and will do anything to protect her.
3 My weapon is my best friend; only friend I need.
4 I care about those who are orphans of war.
5 I see any mortal as beneath me, for I am the child of War itself.
6 I have a favorite drinking buddy who was also my childhood friend.
d6 Flaw
1 I often charge into battle without a plan.
2 I tend to mourn the loss of my comrades a bit too much.
3 When I get hurt, I tend to fly into rage; wildly attacking whatever hit me.
4 I believe I am too strong to die; and so tend not to heal myself.
5 Father sees me as a failure due to my ways.
6 I care only for myself in battle, rarely aiding comrades.

(Artwork for this page done by the wonderful Kydo)

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