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Weapon (shortsword),

A sentient short sword that contains the soul of a shadow dragon and wants to be cured of her curse by the wielder. The wielder must bathe the blade in holy water or holy oil at least once every 3 days or else a contest of wills happens.

If the sword wins the wielder drops everything he or she is doing and goes to find a way to bathe the sword even in the middle of a mission but not during combat

If the wielder wins Chenth becomes inert loses all abilities and remains silent for 48 hours before she can attempt to convince her wielder to bathe her in holy water/oil

The wielder gains whenever he/she is touching the blade

When drawn the blade emits the spell darkness that lasts until the sword is dropped, sheathed or submerged in holy oil/water. on a hit deals +3d6 necrotic damage

When Chenth is bathed in holy oil/water there is a 1% chance that it is destroyed. When it is destroyed the pummel is the only part of it that remains and is turned into a magic artifact that allows the wearer to cast darkness as a free action and gives the wearer darkvision as long as he/she is wearing it Whenever the wearer/wielder is enveloped in darkness because of the spell darkness or the environment he/she may make a stealth check

Sentience. Intelligence (14) Wisdom (11) Charisma (19) chaotic neutral common & dragonic and communicates with the wielder by telepathy has blind scene for 30 feet.
Personality. Up to the dm.

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