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Chemical Savant[edit]

You have taken an interest in all manner of chemical mixtures. Maybe you are a humble shop owner, maybe you wanted to rid the town of a certain drunk, or maybe it is just a simple hobby to you. Regardless of its origins you took to potion making quite well. You've spent your time making concoctions that can heal, or hurt, those around you. Now what you do with such mixtures, that is up for you to decide.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana and Medicine

Tool Proficiencies: Alchemists Supplies and Herbalism Kit

Languages: Any one of your choice

Equipment: 2 vials, an empty potion jar, magnifying glass, leather gloves, basic commoner clothes, and a pouch containing 2d10 gold

Feature: Materials Expert[edit]

You have tinkered with all kinds of combinations. This has given you a fair knowledge of what mixes well, be it good or bad. You can look over ingredients and tell whether they are harmful, helpful, or useless. Given the correct ingredients you should be able to tell what kind of potion or poison they can make, thus crafting it with all the correct supplies should you wish.

Alternate Feature: Medicine Man[edit]

In your line of work you saw many injuries. Having supplied potions for this people you've gained a knowledge of their wounds and medicinal needs.. By looking someone over you can tell if they have suffered grievous bodily harm, or have only suffered minor scratches. You an also tell if a material or potion will help someones current injuries or illness.

suggested characteristics[edit]

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