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Cheeky Bard[edit]

Bard Subclass

LV 3 Bonus Proficiency: You gain proficiency in an additional skill of your choice.

LV 3 Boundless Spirit: At level 3 you gain the ability to cast 1 spell per day and modify it's range to a range of 500 feet around yourself and/or line of sight to target creatures up to your Charisma score. The spell must not be higher than 3rd level to be used in this way and cannot deal damage.

LV 6 Cheeky words: At level 6 the spell that you cast with Boundless spirit also forces a creature to fail the saving throw if the spell has one OR is considered to roll the maximum value of dice that it can (see Sleep and Colour Spray). The failure of the saving throw is considered absolute and cannot be evaded with Legendary Resistance, Indomitable, the Lucky Feat, a magic item etc.

LV 14 Creative Mastermind: At level 14 you can use Boundless Spirit Once every Short rest and gain an additional use of Boundless Spirit.

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