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Human is the only race that has spread throughout space. One reason this may be is that due to some event that may happen in the future of humanity, the human race may be destroyed. This theory has credit because many planets have been sterilized by a force that happened sometime in the past, with ruins of metamaterial skyscrapers and dilapidated exotic energy plants populating them. Another is that humans evolve past biochemical boundaries like so many others have done, now only using Matrioshka brains to study the inner workings of the universe.
Humans get two ability score increases, a skill, and a feat.


You gain a hit die of 1d8, with level one hit points equaling 8 plus your constitution modifier. You gain twelve character points. These could be used to get numerous advantages for your character, such as feats, proficiencies and skills. Feats are three points, while armor proficiency is two points and skills, tool proficiencies and saving throw bonuses are one point.
Ability Score
You also gain 27 ability points, with the same point value system in the 5e player's handbook.
Mandarin Chinese, English, Hindustani, Spanish, Arabic, Malay, Russian, Bengali, Portuguese, and French are the most spoken languages after Unity. There are ten, just in case you want to roll for random languages. Unity is a language nearly everyone knows because it is a pidgin language between the rest of the languages; however, many people do not like to speak Unity.
Feat Advantage
Alert +5 bonus to initiative, can't be surprised while conscious, creatures can't gain advantage against you when they're hiding
Specialized Elements Choose one element when getting this feat: Electrical, Thermal, Cryonic, Nuclear. When attacking with a weapon that does those types of damage, you deal an extra 1 damage per number of die rolled when you score a hit. Nuclear boosts necrotic damage when a weapon is Radioactive.
Shotgun Expert
Dual Fighter
Name Skills Language Proficiencies Equipment Description
The Faithful Insight, Religion Two of your choice Holy symbol, prayer book, third-class clothes, 15 credits As the majority of humanity moves away from religion, you stay steadfast to your faith from the Old Worlds. Or perhaps you found a new one?
Con Artist Deception, Sleight of Hand Disguise kit, hacking kit First-class clothes, disguise kit, tools from a con of your choice, 15 credits
Criminal Deception, Stealth Gaming set, thieves' tools Thieves' tools, third-class clothes, 15 credits
Merchant Insight, Persuasion One of your choice One type of artisan's tools One type of artisan's tools, an electronic letter from your guild, second-class clothing, 15 credits
Aristocrat History, Persuasion One of your choice Gaming set First-class clothes, signet ring, electronic document recording family tree since 2d6x100 years before, 25 credits
Loner Athletics, Survival One of your choice Musical instrument Staff, hunting trap, hunting trophy, second-class clothes, 10 credits
Archaeologist History, Investigation Two of your choice Spectrometer, dissecting knife, third-class clothing, 10 credits
Computer Programmer Programming, Investigation One of your choice Hacking tools Hacking tools, third-class clothing, 10 credits
Starfarer Perception, Insight Two of your choice Navigator's tools, spaceships Billy club, 50 feet of rope, a lucky charm, third-class clothing, 10 credits
Soldier Athletics, Intimidation Gaming set, vehicles (air, water, or land) Insignia of rank, trophy from fallen enemy, dice or cards, third-class clothes, 10 credits
Ne'er-do-well Sleight of hand, Stealth Disguise kit, hacking tools Dissecting knife, map of a city, a pet, an item from your parents who are now dead, third-class clothes, 10 credits


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