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Adventure Background[edit]

The party awakens in a hut belonging to an old man. They seemed to have washed ashore upon the Wildlands. Beyond the watery ways is the infernal lands, seemingly the only place that they've come from. As they come to, they realize that the man that they had saved has some problems with the local bandits.


The adventurers are going to be tracking down bandits and finding the clan that seems to have taken the old man. After rescuing and infiltrating through the ranks of bandits, they realize that there's a bigger ploy in the matter.


The daughter of the old man, Saerin, begs the adventurers to save her father.

The bandits are evil and have been terrorizing the area for awhile.

Stage 1 : The Great Napping[edit]

The party awakens in a lonely hut with little memory of how they came upon this dwelling. It seems to be quite spacious, but in ill repair. It is midday, and they are greeted by the sound of a voice as they waken. "Oh? You've awaken, now have you?" There before the adventurers is a man, an old man. Who then asks the party to assist his daughter with gathering herbs, wood and water. "Ahhh. You've awaken now? Nice to meetcha. M'name is Saerin, you can call me Sae." The daughter of the old man introduces herself and tells the adventurers that she needs some water drawn from the river, wood gathered from the forest, and herbs gathered on the rocky sea shores. She is quite curious about the lands outside the seashores, and begins explaining a bit about the history. When the wood, herbs and water has been gathered and the party heads back, they are met with 3d4 bandits ( [1] ) . When the bandits are defeated, the party realizes that they weren't the real targets, the old man was. With the party running, Saerin dragging them with before they reach the hut where 8d6 bandits split into 3. 2 parts goes to secure the prisoner and drag him away while 1 part keeps the party busy. At the end of it all, Saerin pleads with the party members to go save her father. The party may, if they domineer enough, save the father before he leaves.

Inside the Hut[edit]

The party awakens in the lodgings of an old man. This old man seems to notice immediately, speaking out, "Oh? So you've awoken, ey? Good. That's good." After a bit of conversing, the old man will say again, "Oh, could I ask on you to help my daughter. She's gathering over by the eastern forest side."


Wisdom(Perception) DC : 14 : He has strange scars and disfigurements that suggests he did not get them from fishing.

Intelligence(Investigation) DC : 16 : The old man seems to be from a military background, some of the scars on his face and arms suggests that. Including a tattoo that seems to indicate a militant organization. Even his sharp eyes may be a product from that.

Wisdom(Perception) North Wall : DC : 18 : There is a secret passage that leads to a chest. It cannot be opened while the old man is watching. There seems to be a loose groove to press to open it.

Wisdom(Perception) Behind the Secret Chest : DC : 20 : There is another passage, this one running under ground a good distance. It leads to the town of Writ, coming out the side of the main gate.


Old Man[edit]

An old man with ruggedly dark clothing. From the holes in his clothing seems to be faded leather armor. Maybe from the past. His eyes a faded blue, but he has a hardy temperament about him. One that can be jovial at some points, or quite serious in other points.


Might get smacked with a rod if you anger the old man.

Chance that he'll give information about the area depending on the question and the manner the question was asked.

Will gain the quest, "Help Saerin." At its conclusion.


Chest of enough for 5GP and 20SP for each finder through the passage at the north wall.

Eastern Forest[edit]

The party heads into the eastern forest, and searches around for the Daughter, Saerin. They then head in one of five directions. North, North-East, East, South-East or South. If they go to one of the southern or northern directions, they are met with 1d4 hobgoblins. And after that, Saerin happens upon them, apparently hearing the crisis. If they head east, they find Saerin being attacked by 2d6 goblins, and 1 Dracogoblin Warrior. After either battle, Saerin asks the party for help in finishing off the chores she had set out to do.

-Collect 20 Firewood

-Collect 5 Pots of Water

-Collect 2 Basket of Herbs

Those collecting firewood will head north, deeper into the forest. Roll a d20 whenever each fifth firewood has been collected, if it is greater than 10, #d4 goblins attack the party from with a passive stealth of 15. # being how many party members are collecting firewood at that moment.

Those gathering pots of water will head east, down by the freshwater stream. Roll a d20 whenever the pot sinks into the water, if it is greater than 12, 2 Zol attacks the party, with aggro centered on the pot holder first.

Those gathering herbs will head south, down towards the marshy part of the forest. 2d4 Indigo Slimes and 1 Black Pudding will attack the party, aggro centered on the one holding the herbs.

When all the items have been gathered and all the people meet up, Saerin and the adventurers continue on their way back.


Lighting in the north and south is dim.

The marsh ground in the south is difficult terrain.

Failing a DC 14 Wisdom(Survival) check once entering the swamp will have that party member fall in quicksand. If there is a delegated leader, leading the group, he rolls instead of each person and if he fails, half the party including him fall in quicksand. If he fails by 5 or more, the entire party falls into quicksand.

There is a hidden path for those who go north. DC 18 Wisdom(Perception) check will reveal it. It goes on towards a small goblin campsite with 4d8 goblins roaming about within and 2d4 goblins on watch around the perimeter. There is also a crude goblin hut to the south eastern edge of the campsite with a chest containing 10GP 7SP 3EP and 1 silvered dagger.

The chest is locked with a DC of 14. With an armor class of 18, and HP of 30.

Climb DC for trees in the north is 14, in the south it is 18.

No trees around the river.


~Goblins ~Draco Goblins ~Indigo Slimes ~Black Pudding ~Zol ~Saerin





Indigo Slimes[edit]


Black Pudding[edit]





Medium Humanoid

Hit Points : 54

Armor Class : 12

Speed : 30

STR : 11 (0)

DEX : 14 (+2)

CON : 12 (+1)

INT : 14 (+2)

WIS : 14 (+2)

CHA : 12 (+1)

Perception +5 , Stealth +5

Darkvision : 60ft

Passive Wisdom (Perception) : 15

Daggers (4) LFT : 5ft : 1d4+2

Firebolt : 60ft : 1d10

Cure Wounds : 1d8+2


If the camp is destroyed, no goblins will attack the wood gatherers.

If Saerin is heavily insulted, there may be no continuation for the quest until later.

If the party stays together, there will be twice as many spawned mobs than described.


Crude shortbow : Dropped by Goblins : DC 16

Crude dagger : Dropped by Goblins : DC 16

Jeweled Longsword : Dropped by the Dracogoblin : DC 18

Ooze Essence : Dropped by the Indigo Slimes, Black Pudding and Zo's : DC 13

Bandit's Introduction[edit]

As the party are on their way back, roll a Wisdom(Perception) DC 14. Those that pass feels a presence nearby. Those that pass with 4 or more above the limit know that there are 2d4 stealthed humanoids to the south, and 1d4 stealthed humanoids to the north with full or three-quarter coverage. A battle then takes place. As the battle begins and goes through midway, the bandits leak out that her father owes the bandits, and that they're here to reclaim in different ways. As the battle draws to a close, one of the bandits says, "You're too late. We got your father. Don't worry, you can pay him a visit later... AT HIS GRAVE!!"

As the party rushes to save the father, 1/3 of 8d6 bandits faces against them, as the other 2/3 escapes with the captive. As the battle goes on, the party can choose to kill the current bandits, flee from the current bandits or disengage from the current and chase the other. IF they kill the current, then the fleeing will have fled too far away. IF they flee from the current bandits, the old man's hut will be set on fire and they'll be chased in whatever direction they run. IF they disengage from the current and chase after the father, 1/3 of the 2/3 will face them upfront while the other 1/3 will catch up in 3 combat rounds. They may also attempt to sneak before all the combat, but one way or another it'll be revealed and they'll have to face 1/3 of them.

No matter how it ends, Saerin will turn to the party with tears in her eyes and begs the party to help save her father, offering anything left in the hut as offering.


It is twilight and the area has dim lighting from the start.

The passage is still in that hut.


Bandits ~ Bandit Captain ~ Saerin ~ Old Man



Bandit Captain[edit]


Old Man[edit]



The hut can be burned if the party flees.

The oldman can be saved if they rush only to him.

Saerin can die.


The hidden chest in the hut.

Each corpse holds 1EP and 3SP.

Scimitar : Bandit Drop : DC 10

L. Crossbow : Bandit Drop : DC 14

Stage 2 : Tracing Steps[edit]

The party wanders to gain information. The information that they can find are.

A) All that Saerin knows is that there is a man who knows all about the bandits. An activist or a spy or an investigator. She isn't sure.

B) Luss : Rumors that the Bandits are warring with the Republic, Dragon People are Creepy, and that there is a twin village spar competition being hosted in a week.

C) Writ : Rumors that the man who is chasing the bandits is with the wandering tribe currently, the twin village spar competition.

The party, one ways or another travels about and gains information. If they want to do the following, this is what happens.

Wildlands : On the road[edit]

This is as they head off to whatever direction they wish. On the roads, many random things may happen.

It is a 2 days journey to Luss.

It is a 2 days journey to Aggle Vol.

It is a 3.5 day journey to Writ.

It is a 5 day journey to Souther Ilkreach.


At the beginning of each day that they are traveling a full day's worth, roll a d8. If the result is 1-4, then an encounter happens at each of those interval. (i.e. Result 3 will have an encounter happen on the 3rd and 6th hours.) (i.e. Result 2 will have an encounter happen on the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th hours) If the result is equal to or above 5, then the encounter happens only once on that hour. (i.e. Result 6 will have one encounter at the 6th hour)

For hours beyond the standard 8 that one can travel in a day, you may use your own devices to sort that out. Once an encounter occurs, roll a d6 for the encounter magnitude and a d20 however many times the magnitude says for the encounter quality. Since this quests starts at an ESL 3, some of these encounters may be more than what the party can handle. Please advise party members to play strategically.

Roll a d20 and if it is greater than 12, the party is traveling through difficult terrain.

Roll 2d8 and if the result of the first is between 1 and 7, then the party faces a special circumstance. The second d8 is at which hour the special circumstance occurs. 1) Wisdom(Survival) DC 13, those that fail fall into quicksand. You may roll a d20 to have an encounter appear at this moment. 2) Wisdom(Perception) DC 15, those that fail are surprised and the party is attacked by 3d4 Goblins. 3) Intelligence(Investigation) DC 13 OR Wisdom(Survival) DC 16, those that pass find hints of a struggle, and tracks leading away from their path into the forest. At the end of these tracks lay 2d6 Hobgoblins tormenting 1d4 captives. 4) Dexterity(Acrobatics) DC 14, those that fail fall captive to a pitfall and those that pass are able to avoid being dragged down, one way or another. The fall is 20 feet, those that fall take 2d10 bludgeoning damage. You may roll a d20 to have an encounter appear now in the hole or above. 5) A wandering merchant passes through. Selling prices are at half their worth and buying prices are 60% their worth. 6) A wandering warrior challenges the weakest (DC 1-10) or the strongest (DC 11-20) to a spar. Winner takes 1GP from the loser. If the loser can't pay, he takes a part of his equipment instead. 7) A wandering (Faction) approaches the party.


d20 Monster Amount
01 Roll for monster encounter twice. 3d4 of the first roll, 1d4 of the second roll.
02 Roll for monster encounter twice. 1d6 of the first roll, 1d4 of the second roll.
03 Roll for monster encounter once. 1d10 of the roll.
04 Roll for monster encounter once. 5 of that roll.
05 Roll for monster encounter once. 3 of that roll.
06 Roll for monster encounter once. Just 1 of that roll.

d20 Monster Encounters
01 Wyvern [5]
02 Werebear [6]
03 Fire Elemental [7]
04 Earth Elemental [8]
05 Hill Giant [9]
06 Black Pudding [10]
07 Wereboar [11]
08 Succubus [12]
09 Weretiger [13]
10 Werewolf [14]
11 Giant Scorpion [15]
12 Owlbear [16]
13 Basilisk [17]
14 Ogre [18]
15 Green Dragon Wyrmling [19]
16 Giant Boar [20]
17 Rhinoceros [21]
18 Lion [22]
19 Giant Spider [23]
20 Orc [24]


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<- List any treasure the players might acquire, and how they would acquire it. ->


<- A stage is a chapter, or an important phase of the story. In a dungeon crawl, a stage would be one floor of the dungeon. In a more episodic, story-like adventure, a stage would be a series of connected scenes. ->

Step or Location[edit]

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<- What happens when the adventure is completed? ->


This is a transcript of everything to be awarded the players, and the conditions attached to those rewards, at the end of the adventure. Think of it as a sort of checklist to make sure everything was covered.


Combat Awards
Name of Foe XP per foe
Bandit 25
Bandit Captain 450
Goblin 25
Slimes 75-100
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
Non-Combat Awards
Task or Accomplishment XP per Character
Passing A DC 25
Finding A Hidden Thing 50
Creating an Item 100
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->

The minimum total award for each character participating in this adventure is 600 experience points.

The maximum total award for each character participating in this adventure is 1000 experience points.


The characters receive the following treasure, divided up amongst the party. Characters should attempt to divide treasure evenly whenever possible. Gold piece values listed for sellable gear are calculated at their selling price, not their purchase price.

Consumable magic items should be divided up however the group sees fit. If more than one character is interested in a specific consumable magic item, the DM can determine who gets it randomly should the group be unable to decide.

Permanent magic items are divided up according to a system. See the sidebar if the adventure awards permanent magic items.

Treasure Awards
Item Name Sale Value
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->

[[<- Unique Magic Item ->]][edit]

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<- This is an actual effect generated by you doing something that hurt people who still exist in the setting. Think of it is a boon, but absolutely horrible. ->


<- In games which contain factions, this is where you would award renown for completing faction-related activities. ->


Each character receives <-X-> downtime days at the conclusion of this adventure.

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