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Chaos Wine: This magical drink can be bottled most cheaply on Limbo or on. Brave thrill-seekers will often imbibe it, hoping to gain abilities. When a player drinks it, roll a D12 to see what happens. These items are individually priced as though cheep to make they are primarily a novelty for the, curious, board, power hungry or just plain insane, and sometimes they do it just to say they did.

D12 roll:

1: The drink tastes no different from water and has no effect.

2: The drink tastes like average wine (Fortitude DC 12 to avoid intoxication).

3: The drink is extremely strong (Fortitude DC 16 to avoid intoxication).

4: The drink is poison (Fort DC 18, 1D4 Con/1D6 Con).

5: The drink turns the character bright red for five hours.

6: The drinker contracts the disease mummy rot (Fort save 16 to resist)

7: The drinker gains a negative level.

8: The drinker falls unconscious and grows 1d6 inches

9: The drinker gains 4D6 temporary hit points, which last until the end of the week.

10: If the drinker is a spell-caster, they gain a permanent +1 bonus to their caster level, otherwise they shrink 1d4 inches.

11: The drinker gains the ability to cast Prismatic Ray once. This spell-like ability can't be recharged after it is used.

12: The character gains +2 to all abilities and gains 2 negative levels. (Will save DC 16 to avoid, must be made for each one)

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