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Chaos chosen

Chaos in the world is spawned by human emotion the feelings of extremes hatred and anger, ambition and intelligence ,debauchery and excellence or even stagnation and despair itself.You may have been a mere mortal at the beginning of your journey simply looking to increase your power but by the end you will become a bonafide daemon of chaos and a chosen prince of the ruinous powers.

Hail the ruinous powers the chosen of chaos are granted their blessings

Notes on this class :This is designed for a certain game type where the DM is free and open to lots of unique and player made options spells choices mutations and all kinds of unique options on top of that the class itself is quite dangerous a powerful player who wishes to abuse it can do so much more than written. This is both dangerous and good unique PCs is what we all want and honestly this is so flexible that I would love to have people playtest and then give feedback on. Additionally the class itself seems quite long and complex however the real effects are limited to 5 upgrading abilities and 4 separate subclasses based upon which chaos god you serve. So read explore ask your DM and enjoy yourselves with this labor of fictional crossover

Creating a Chaos Chosen[edit]

Chaos chosen are not a rare sight though sometimes they may not know it at first their actions are feeding a monster in the immaterial world(whether that's the warp or the far realm)this entity is on a near godlike level of power. When the player creates this character they must ask why does their PC want power and how would they like to go about it? SImilar to a warlock except with your blessings they are earned through spreading of your lord's brand of chaos.For instance let's take a half elf of unnatural beauty they beguile both men and elves attracting all that they meet. They then use their influence and power to do what? Serve themselves as a means to an end? No they choose to send up the pain and suffering they cause by mutilating and robbing those they enchant to the Dark prince/princess Slaanesh. Another example a paladin hopeful of helm or torm is charged with protecting his home village from a small cult of worshipers of the dragon tiamat but he is put to sleep using magic and awakens to find his home and family burning and rent apart with massive draconic claws he knows it is wrong but as the rage overtakes him he raises his blade and proceeds to drench it in blood for the glory of Khorne. So one has to consider the path they choose as it will shape how you interact with your "blessings" mutations and gifts handed down by your enigmatic dark god.

Chosen of Chaos
The gods of chaos are the forces of emotion in the immaterial world they meddle in the affairs of the real world to find and cause well chaos and death. As a chaos champion you may not even know the creature you are serving and their blessings and skills they impart unto you create a chosen of chaos the gods treat chosen in different ways
(Holy number is 9)The least friendly of the chaos gods the two headed raven god of change Tzeentch is a god of knowledge and intellect he is the creator of all magic and was once the most powerful of all the chaos gods as he had a monopoly over all magics his chosen are often similar to him manipulative backstabbing nerds with an unhealthy love for knowledge his followers are also mostly ignored but he is the changer when they recieve mutations they are total and horrible as well he is a god of fate able to see both your and all futures past and present he is all knowing and all the plans he makes have divination included to make sure they go “according to plan”
(Holy number is 6)Known as the dark prince slaanesh is the youngest and thus least powerful of all of the chaos gods. Slaanesh is strengthened by hedonism sadism and taking everything to the absolute extreme whether it is wishing to utterly master the blade or engage in absolute hedonism and debauchery every day. Slaanesh may be the weakest but her/his(cause Slaanesh is both) skills are always perfect her demons and worshipers exude a sensual or perfect aura that is able to distract all enemies and leave them slack jawed as they are tortured and assaulted in other ummm *cough* unspeakable ways. Slaaneshi worshipers are more common in society because they are very hard to resist and thus hard to remove entirely from society. Overall Slaanesh is the god of inward pleasure to the utter maximum.
(Holy number is 7)The pope of pestilence the rot father the big grandpapa nurgal please don't stand up or we will all die. Nurgal is the oldest and one of the strongest chaos gods however he is one of the nicest his worshipers are known for copying his positive and fatherly outlook. The worshipers and demons of Nurgal are even when rotting and spreading plague they are joyous and love the bringing of their gods blessings upon others (aka the black death). As a worshipper the areas of nurgals covering is the cycles of life death and suffering but is a positive way nurgal himself loves all life no matter what from a new born child to a million maggots on a rotting battlefield. Nurgal is a happy kind creator of plague who releases his worshipers and gifts onto the world of morals to enrich their lives… by ending them horribly and turning them into terrible demons of plague. The only thing Nurgal hates is really just Tzeentch the manipulative rude condescending upstart birdy bastard.
(Holy number is 8)The strongest chaos god period. Khorne overthrew Tzeentch when he first emerged from the warp and thus absolutely hates all magic however it's not like theirs anything that Khorne likes. It's more like things he hates more or less such as Slaanesh who he utterly dispises and nurgal who he hates a lot. However he and his worshipers hate magic and try to remove it from the battlefields of the world. Khorne has about two official policy statements for his servants “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE” which is pretty self explanatory and “KHORNE CARES NOT FROM WHENCE THE BLOOD FLOWS ONLY THAT IT FLOWS TOWARDS KHORNE”. You may be asking why thats in all caps the answer is thats the only way that Khorne speaks in all caps and utter rage. To worship Khorne follow those steps and also have a love for the aesthetic for brass and steel armor and lots and lots and lots of blood.

Quick Build

You can make a Chaos chosen quickly by following these suggestions. First, Strength or Int (depending upon spellcasting or not) should be your highest ability score, followed by Con. Second, choose the Outlander background.

Class Features

As a Chaos Chosen you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8-20 per Chaos Chosen level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8-20 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8-20 (or -1) + Constitution modifier per Chaos Chosen level after 1st


Armor: dependant upon class or light
Weapons: dependant upon class or simple
Tools: none
Saving Throws: Con and dependant upon class
Skills: two from Perception Deception Athletics Acrobatics and Persuasion


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

Table: The Chaos Chosen

Level Proficiency
Spell Steal/Plague and Pestilence Features —Spell Slots per Spell Level—
1st +2 0/1 Chaotic Connection,Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
2nd +2 0/1 Minor Mutation
3rd +2 0/1 Chaotic Connection Strengthens
4th +2 0/1 Ability Score Improvement,
5th +3 0/1 Chaos Aura
6th +3 0/1 Moderate Mutation
7th +3 1/1+wis mod Gifts Of Chaos
8th +3 1/1+wis mod Ability Score Improvement,
9th +4 1/1+wis mod Chaos Aura Strengthens
10th +4 2/1+wis mod+con mod Sin fueled Revelry
11th +4 2/1+wis mod+con mod Major Mutation
12th +4 3/2+wis mod+con mod Ability Score Improvement,
13th +5 3/2+wis mod+con mod Chaos Corruption
14th +5 3/2+wis mod+con mod Chaotic Cult Lords
15th +5 3/2+wis mod+con mod Chaos Lords Aura
16th +5 3/2+wis mod+con mod Ability Score Improvement,
17th +6 5/3+wis mod+con mod Chaotic Conduit
18th +6 5/3+wis mod+con mod Massive Mutation
19th +6 5/3+wis mod+con mod Ability Score Improvement,
20th +6 6/4+wis mod+con mod Demon Of Chaos
Level (1) Chaos Connection
(1) You gain proficiency in intelligence saves and a 1D8 hit dice you gain an affinity with a staff as a spellcasting tool and it will remain your focus from now on as it connects you to your boon giver your proficiency in deception and persuasion checks are doubled(or you become proficient) you also gain the wizards spell list with the limited spell list added for this subclass. You may cast any spell you know through this staff and you may tie one cantrip to this staff and make it a specialty this allows you to give enemies disadvantage on rolls against the cantrip or you gain advantage on your roll against them.
(1) You gain proficiency with charisma saves and martial melee weapons.Have a 1D10 hit die you may pick two more proficiencies with this subclass and note them for later upgrades but at least one of them must be related to charisma.Additionally you gain proficiency in 1 toolset and you may gain expertise in this tool set at level 7.
(1) You gain proficiency with wisdom saves and medicine and a 1D20 hit dice (average 10) you also gain an additional skill called plague doctor/pestilence this ability feeds off of your wisdom(when creating diseases)or your constitution (when developing testing and transmitting them) additionally you must roll when creating diseases to imbue your weapons strikes with or to make in potions. Finally you gain proficiency in alchemist's tools and a medical kit which is the material needed to create new diseases at low level.Using plague you may create one limited use plague effect such as a poison or a potion with a negative debuff these are used as potions able to be thrown at enemies or fed to them and with a DM disease DC
(1)You gain martial weapon and armor proficiency/shields and a 1D12 hit die you gain the barbarian rage equal to proficiency however your rages do not make you resistant to damage rather they allow you to use your proficiency for both weapon attacks(on top of weapon proficiency) and damage(on top of normal attack damage modifier Str/Dex) increase. For example at level 1 your hit with a heavy melee weapon would be in rage +2 to hit and +2 to damage regardless of your strength or proficiencies which you add on top of that.

Level (1) Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Absolute power corrupts absolutely(1)
DM special rule: You are not the owner of your power similar to a warlock your strength can be taken away at any point for you can be messed with in other ways by the chaos gods. How this maifest essentially works like reverse inspiration if your dm doesn't think your actions align with your gods he has a wide variety of punishments to choose from for example if you as a player chose the path of nurgal and turned sadistic torturing and destroying life for the fun of it nurgal would look poorly upon you and might say violently mutate you into a rotten plant in a jr for several days just to make sure you appreciate life slaanesh looking down and seeing you a slaanesh worshiper being conservative or moral and decide to enlarge your genitals 300% for an hour and of course pissing off khorne isn't that hard just try to use spells that usually gets your body lit on fire or a demon hound to chase you these are designed to be challenges by the DM to keep you humble with your power and to keep you from totally derailing everything
Level (2) Minor Mutation
Minor mutation
A simple mark or symbol of your pact that you may be unaware of a mark of Khorne could be a pair of small black horns that barely poke out of your hair for nurgle a strangely large gut and constant smell of rot these are not exactly a gift from you god and don't really have mechanical effect but they can be the start to a long line of increasingly useful mutations.
Level (3) Chaotic Connection Strengthens
(3)Skeins of fate: You may cast any divination spell that you have slots for as long as they are on the wizards spell list additionally you gain a significantly increased chance to avoid hidden objects or traps you have what is effectively danger sense it can be activated once per rest and lasts a whole hour
(3)Excellence and Excess: Your skill grows as Slaanesh empowers your focus you decide upon a single martial weapon to gain expertise in you may add 2x your proficiency to your attack bonus with that weapon however you can no longer deal the killing blow your beginning of mastery it is most important to Slaanesh to deal maximum amount of pain your final strikes bringing an enemy a long and painful death keeping them alive for possible even several round writhing in pain as you interrogate or search their writhing living body.The proficiency effect stays if you are using two of the same weapon(such as 2 rapiers with later on dueling or two weapon fighting styles highly recommended)
(3)Nurgals favor: You are immune to all diseases and you may begin to develop disease more effectively taking time you can either create an illness that causes a negative effect these can also include any diseases you have been exposed to.

Fists of plague: Your melee attacks can be imbued with any disease you are able to contract your enemy must succeed a con save that equals 6+wis mod+Con mod+proficiency (you can only do this once at a time) additionally you can still use potions but they are limited in effect still giving things such as minor debuffs and damage or around 1D6 poison damage.

(3)Khorne’s Chosen: Rage overtaking you is like a red tie sweeping away your personality and any weakness there in however it does limit your vision and focus you cannot use any magic while in rage not cast spells or any other magical effect however you have advantage against all spells that include a charm sleep or frighten effect as Khorne protects you partially while your heart is turned towards him

Chaos Aura(5)

Your aura is able to be used once per long rest(each upgrade or new level can be used individually meaning when you have all three upgrades you may activate it three separate times with different levels and effects of aura) it is your gods emotional strength and ability to influence the real material world the effects of your aura increase over time as the conduit between you and the entities of the warp widens and becomes more effective.

Spells cast within 10ft of you have a disadvantage if they are cast towards you or an ally using up your reaction
Allies within your sphere of 10 ft have advantage on charisma checks if you take an action to seduce the target (note this is absolutely not limited to humanoids)
Allies in your range of 15 feet have a ring of biting stinging flies these can be increased and focused by you to give enemies fighting you and your allies a thick biting wall that gives enemies in melee disadvantage on their attacks for one round
when any allies within 15 feet of you take the attack action in one turn you may add 1D6 fire damage to your strikes equal to the number of allies who attacked with you before your turn.
Level (6) Moderate Mutation
Moderate Mutation
A strangeness about you something not too hard to hide but definitely not natural for slaanesh this could be perfect beauty but your skin is ever so slightly cold and hard like porcelain hinting at the corruption beneath for Tzeentch that could be a large pair of feathered wings that you hide under your cloak these mutations can give minor and/or situational benefits such as advantage to convince others with your beauty or resist some falling damage with your wings

Chaos aura:These are special effects you can activate as a free action in and out of combat they are meant to spread the blessings of your god to your semi willing allies

Level (7) Gifts Of Chaos
(7)Staff of magics origin:Your staff is considered a high magic weapon giving you +2 to your spell save DC when you cast through it additionally the fires of change burn within it giving it the ability to use the fires of change equal to your intelligence modifier this forces a single creature that is within 30 feet of you to make a dex save against your save DC or take 3D6+ your int mod magical resistance and immunity breaking fire damage as the pure flames of pink and blue chaos spill from your staff onto the target

Spell stealing: in addition to your wizard spells you now gain the spell counter spell you may use it as long as you have a level 3 spell slot using your staff and counterspell you may now instantly reverse any spell through your own power back towards it's caster within the spells range this spell steal gives you an advantage on reversing spells of higher levels when you roll against them this spell steal can be used against any magical effect any at all (such as dragons breath or a petrifying gaze) magic may be in the world but you are the chosen of Tzeentch none of it would exist without him and he has given that power to you.(you can use this 2 times but this # increases over time)

(7) Chaotic mastery your blade is sharp and your skill is so so much sharper. You now crit on a 19 and a 20 additionally you get the speed that all Slaaneshi chosen have giving you +10 move speed and an extra attack finally you may choose two fighting styles from any class or subclass and you gain proficiency in dex saves
(7)Psion of the Rot father:Your plagues may be unique or old but now they are truly yours to command. Your potential damages with your plagues increase wrapping up spells and damage into your infections this allows you to create a solid roster of disease equal to the chartered ones above increasing over time from a base 1+wisdom mod(eventually plus Con mod). These plagues are your true power you may choose a single spell or spell effect such as 2D6 poison damage and blindness for that many rounds or 1D12 acid damage and paralysis they may develop 1 limited effect and damage or one permanent minor effects such as disadvantage on a check or save for 1D4 days keep it like normal and run them by your DM but work with your team to see what they want their enemies to be weak too or restricted from.This can also be your support by imbuing poisons and potions with healing and debuff spells such as a healing hands of 2D6+ your plage mod in hit points but you poison your ally if they fail the DC\
(7) Bloody charger a Khornate berzerker does not feel does not flinch from harm he merely kills and kills and kills. You gain an extra attack and when you rage you get the ability to charge giving you advantage on a strike and allowing you to add your Con mod to your damage as you slam into your opponent with a 15ft run finally whenever you strike a killing blow upon a target you are able to kill them and use your charge again as a free action and make your attack against one more creature this is limited to two uses per turn(so two attacks kills a creature you can charge once then if you kill again you can charge once more). This however is a danger to your allies this rage is utterly burning hot in order to take an action that is not instant melee rush requires a wisdom saving throw this save is rolled against a DC equalling 8+ creatures you've killed since combat began
Level (9) Chaos Aura
The range of the previous increases to 30ft and the opponent must roll against your spell save DC to avoid having their spell fail entirely
You may now use this buff at 20ft and use it in combat as your otherworldly charms beguile and distract even the most determined attackers as you can impose your will as a reaction to give an attacker disadvantage or an ally advantage when it is not your turn
Rot flies aren't the only thing you bring to the party you and allies within 20 ft of you now have a miasma of protective corpse gasses that do not affect allies but when an enemy closes into melee they must make a con save against your pestilence DC or spend their action retching and fail to attack their first turn in melee this does not grant your allies advantage on their first strike and only lasts one round before the enemy gets used to it
An aura of violence and fury suffuses a battlefield you walk upon when you rage with your aura active your allies gain one round of increased melee damage by your proficiency bonus and their speed increases by 5 for the round
Level (10) Sin Fueled Revelry

The gods of chaos excluding khorne all enjoy a certain degree of organized or mass worship you and of course your allies will be no exception. Taking time during a long rest in a secluded area away from prying eyes you can offer the succor of the dark gods to your allies in exchange for their worship of the dark gods these “sessions” provide buffs for the next day and will definitely increase the chaos corruption holds over you your allies and even the surrounding area. These revelries are done differently and have different effects based upon which god of chaos you worship. For example Tzeentch would approve of you practicing magics that are forbidden or frowned upon and preparing for some long term plan of manipulation for future use. For Slaanesh well i think you can imagine is basically doing unspeakable acts of lust and excess some real hardcore stuff I wouldn't recommend role playing unless that's the type of group your in. For nurgal it may be infecting everyone in your group with a disease and Khorne it would be creating a massive cairn of skulls you've collected and fight nearby them. Each of these revelries will provide as stated a next day buff and likely a debuff also such as the diseases of nurgal giving you a resistance but poisoning you these are determined by your DM but you may attempt to guide them by asking.

Level (11)Major Mutation
Major mutation
A true gift from your gods finally you have been thoroughly marked and blessed by chaos “chosen so to speak” this could be perfect vigor allowing you to ignore exhaustion for one level for Khorne or a permanent burning brand or collar of Khorne granting you extra magic resist and for Nurgal this would be a massive overgrown gut that allows you to swallow targets and melt or protect them from harm either dealing infection or plague or protecting all life as grandfather nurgle would want.
Level (13)Chaotic Corruption
(13) Mage bane:your skill at identifying spell work and spellcasters gifted from your lord gives you the ability to identify spellcasters classes and type of spellcasting and if you use detect magic you can even tell what wizard cast which spell or enchantment. Improved divination you may now cast and learn any divination spell from any spell list your spells that are of the divination school now have the ritual tag as well (unless ruled otherwise by DM)however for each level above first you add 10 minutes on top of the casting time so 9th level foresight takes well over an hour and a half to cast.
(13) You have complete control over your damage and eloquence when striking your foes like a dance you can perform incredible manoeuvres in order to deal just a tiny painful cut. Before you attack you may choose what amount of damage or attack bonus you want you may modify either of these values by shifting attack bonus to damage or damage attack bonus additionally you lose the ability to lose armor your natural beauty is only hindered by all this steel and leather however your nakedness or near that does now slow you down you dance and shift like the wind your armor class equals 6+dex mod+cha mod+proficiency(likely around 18 minimum)
(13) Immobile Hulk:Your flesh rots and puffs your size increases you are considered large and can no longer wear armor however your distended gut and massive bulk makes you very difficult to harm you are resistant to all non magical damage and are immune to bludgeoning damage due to your increased weight you can't move as well so your speed decreases by 10ft and you have disadvantage on acrobatics checks
(13) Hellblades are Khornes personal blessing upon our weapons usually a massive two handed greatsword covered in white hot flames however it can be any weapon that is blessed and held by the chosen given this weapon your output of damage is demolishing a hellblade can drink the souls of your enemies this weapon deals an extra weapon dice of it's type and an additional 1D6 magical fire and 1D6 magical necrotic damage(on top of any buff your DM allows or adds for you) all the damage is not only magical but it can sever the souls of ethereal creatures things such as ghosts shadows and other not entirely corporeal creatures must pass a con save equal to half the damage you deal with each strike to remain on the mortal plane. Mindless ravager: Your rage is constant a red fire that burns like a sun in your chest connecting you to Khorne to exit your rage you must pass a wisdom saving throw the difficulty of which equals 10+ the number of creatures killed in your auras range since you began rage
Level (14)Chaotic Cult Lords

Now that you have reached a higher level you will be able to expand your worship into cult like levels. This takes many forms starting a cult of Slaanesh is the best example You wanted into town and take up residence at a local inn like most adventurers you throw around tons of cash and rent lots of rooms that are expensive and as slaaneshi cultists your unnatural beauty and strange attire attracts a lot of unnecessary attention. Soon after you invite the owner into the rooms and you know do unspeakable things followed by more and more people flocking to the new house of pleasure cult and secretly worshiping the dark prince of pleasure and excess. This causes a small cult to form around you or the location that causes both a place for you to receive benefits as a hub of your worship but also in constant danger of being raided and you being placed under investigation for starting the cult or being killed. However placing a well hidden cult or a well integrated cult into a large city for example could give you the option to try and expand your influence by causing civil unrest weather that is open chaos rebellion in the streets as khorne berzerkers lose it on the guards and lords or a plague of nurgal sweeps the city followed by waves of nurgle followers who are immune to the disease. This may not succeed in giving you the city but in a small town or a large section of the city you can cause quite the issue which can possibly even strengthen the chaos gods enough to manifest some demons or creatures there to serve your furthering of their own goals. This is more than just your plans your DM and you both know your goal to give over souls and people to your gods for them to provide you and themselves with power and influence.

Level (15)Chaos Lords Aura
The range increases to sight and you may now use your reaction if the target fails their save to cause the spell to miscast and force the opponent to suffer their own spell effect multiplied to a crit and using your spell DC
You dance like a butterfly and your allies strike like a swarm of demonic bees as your aura activates your beautiful bladework and unnatural charms beguile all enemies that can see you if they fail a wisdom saving throw they are stunned by your beauty for a around additionally all allies within 30ft gain 10 feet of increased move speed for 1D4 rounds and may increase their attack bonuses by 2 for the first round
Rolls of burgeoning pox roll outward from your cauldron of plague as you enter your aura state your movement speed decreases to 0 for 1D4 rounds but for each round you are immobile you and all allies within 5 times your con mod feet of you gain 25 temp HP and 10HP in regeneration every round and all enemies who enter that range of green death make a save against your pestilence DC or contact your choice of one of your currently available plagues
Your aura is a literal bloody rain you dash forwards instantly taking all your attacks upon a single target that target and all creatures(including allies) within 50ft make a Wisdom save of ¼ of the damage you dealt with those charge attacks if they fail they are soaked in your bloody deluge and enter a barely discriminating fury rushing instantly into melee regardless of position or planning with the enemy creatures closest to them this lasts 1D4 rounds
Level (17)Chaotic Conduit
(17) Meticulous loremaster you gain proficiency in all intelligence saves and checks you may choose one more pair of mutations of medium or three minor mutations such as feathers wings fire breath or extra eyes these will show you to be a true champion of the lord of change. Additionally your staff grows a curl of long tentacles that use your spell saves and can grapple a creature in melee and deal 3D6 psychic damage per turn to the grappled creature and place them under duress so you may probe them for information.
(17) Unnatural finesse:Your weapon becomes like an extension of your body you may wield it in any manner you choose with one hand off hand your feet even between your teeth or on a chain it is more controlled by magic than by your own muscles. Additionally all skills you are proficient in but don't have expertise in you have expertise in as you have now honed even these marginal skills and you may add your proficiency to any saving throw once per short rest. Finally you gain another extra attack 3 now
(17) Pox cauldron: Your body not withstanding it's sometimes hard to test out and make new diseases the pox cauldron fixes this issue giving you a mobile place to keep extra virulent diseases that you don't really want to test the cauldron is a large metal tub filled with the essences of plague and death this can be unleashed upon enemies for massive repeat saves vs mutation and a virulent mixtures of all the worst illnesses you've made but additionally it is the carrier of spells and the enfuser of allies weapons with your specialized poxes it allows you to let allies spread your love while you mix up and reload your pestilence for the next combat additionally you can now create even worse plagues one at a time in the pot combining up to three lesser plagues or one massive one (these are super powerful and can be very intricate) the cauldron itself floats magicly but must be made or granted by nurgal it can be poured out to cover a 30 foot cone in front of you or thrown at a single target with a ladle
(17) Khornate Champion: your rage is not enough frothing burning fury is the only option when you enter your fury any and all non melee actions you take require you to pass your rage DC again 10+ killed in your aura this includes canceling your aura however it allows you to make an extra attack each turn giving you 4 per round this fury makes you utterly unable to be affected by spells that would affect your hae train no spell effect can affect you and damage from spells is halved finally when you enter fury you gain another extra attack.

Level (18)Massive Mutation

Massive mutation

These are the true gifts of chaos warping mind and body turning you from chosen to everchosen and ever chosen to demon prince Nurgalites will gain practical invulnerability to damage and massive winds of plague from their sumptuous guts Slaaneshi demons will become gorgeous demigods of unnatural beauty and hedonistic debauchery and sadism Tzeentch will grow your wings to full size and provide you with a second head full of knowledge and planning able to plot and plan just like you do and Khorne Khorne does not disappoint enormous leathery wings black branded fiery horns and endless wrathful rage as well as improved hellblades and enchanted vicious weaponry and armor.

Level (20)Demon Of Chaos
(20) Lord of change massive wings sprout from your shoulders(if you don't have them already if you do, double your speed) you grow blue and white feathers from your hair and arms your eyes multiply and you can see into the skeins of fate and magic itself your divination spells can now not be resisted you gain access to an improved dragons breath called winds of change that can mutate the target and as a cantrip can deal 6D6 magical fire and acid damage your staff grows in power and length allowing you to use it for scrying and other spell choices as well as extending the range of all your cast spells by 30 ft
(20)Your body her temple your soul her food: She who thirsts has given you these powers but at what cost Slaanesh empowers you and then proceeds to remove your very humanity you are immune to any effect that would destroy your soul (it belongs to slaanesh after all) effects such as that of the astral plane and finger of death/power word kill no longer fully kill you simply put you into extended animation until you finish a long rest (if no other damage is dealt) Additionally you may now roll any charisma checks with advantage unless their are special circumstances. Finally you grow a second pair of arms giving your an extra attack as well as perfect physique
(20)Great unclean one and liber bubonicus:You are no longer alive your state is somewhere between champion and demon prince you can no longer be knocked unconscious unless you receive massive damage(this does not affect finger of death or power word kill) however whenever you get taken down to 1 or below the damage must be above half of your total HP to knock you unconscious and nurgal is not done with you even were you to die completely you can still survive unless your remains are burnt to ash or eaten the liber bubonicus lets you keep any number of plagues and one ultra plague and be able to spread it without doing it yourself allowing you to cast over an area depending upon the strength and time of the pox this book holds the knowledge to create ever stronger and stronger plagues.
(20)Nothing is more frightful than a full blown berserker of khorne you have transcended far beyond the simple realm of mortality and barely count as humanoid now leathery thick wings sprout from your back your eyes burn and feet strike fire from the ground like steel on flint and your natural strength and ferocity grows to unparalleled levels you lose a cap on your strength and gain a permanent +4 to strength and you gain a fly speed of 45 feet and lose the ability to be affected by magic of any type when in fury when in rage you have the same resistances as you did before in fury and while not raged you gain the resistance you previously got from rage additionally you can cause fear when descending into rage and then again into fury this is based again upon your first hit damage.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.


You may not multi class into or out of this class you must follow your path just as your god requires.

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