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Weapon (Champion's Axe), Legendary (Requires Attunement)

The Champion's Axe of Might is a weapon wielded by the greatest champions of all time. The spirits of these mighty warriors have fused with the weapon allowing any user that attunes to it to hear the voices and guidance of the previous users. The power of these champion's courses through the weapon boosting the damage to 3d10 and making the user immune to fear.

Might Of the Champions

The Champion's Axe of Might holds Five charges. A charge can be expended to add an additional 1d4 Force damage and push back the target ten feet. Two charges can be expended to make a loud roar that causes all creatures within a 15 foot by 20 foot cylinder to become frightened. Three charges can be expended to slam the axe in to the ground creating a shockwave in a 15 foot radius causing 2d4 force damage and making all creatures within the radius make a DC 8+ CON + Proficiency bonus saving throw on a failure they are knocked prone. Upon a success the creature takes half damage. All charges are restored at dawn.

Spirit of the Champion's

The spirits of the previous users are bound to this weapon causing the user to hear their voices telepathically. The Previous wielders will determine if the creature currently wielding The Champion's Axe of Might is worthy. The spirits of the Champions will determine a creatures worthiness by making the axe ten times as heavy as normal. The wielder must then succeed on a DC 20 Stength saving throw to determine if they are strong enough to be a champion. Two tries can be made to attune to the weapon a day. Upon a successful attunement the wielder will hear the shout of the Champion's before them. This is the Spirit of the Champions. The speech of the spirit sounds like multiple people speaking in unison. the wielder hears this voice telepathically but no one else does. This voice will give advice, share combat knowledge, and may drive the wielder to attack if the wielder fails on a DC 18 CHA saving throw. The Spirit is quite aggressive and usually leans towards combat opposed to more peaceful methods, it will also refuse to retreat from a fight the spirit believes can be won. The Spirit is not irrational and with it's combined knowledge and skill of the wielders before will run or restrain itself from attacking if the moment is not right. The spirit has a CHA score of 17 WIS score of 16 and INT score of 14.

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