Champion's Axe (5e Equipment)

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Champion's Axe

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Champion's Axe 750 gp 2d8 slashing 250 lb. Heavy, Two-handed, Unwieldy

The Champion's Axe is a massive greataxe used by only the largest and strongest of warriors. The head is made of a hard dark grey metal. The axe is 15 feet long with two sets of handholds. As a bonus action the handholds can be switched to extend the reach of the weapon to 10 feet, doing this causes any attacks made to a creature within 5 feet with disadvantage, the hand position cannot be switched until an attack with the axe has been made.


Tiny, Small, and Medium creatures with a strength score less than 18 cannot use this weapon, Medium creatures with strength of 18 or greater subtract their proficiency bonus from the attack roll but add it to the damage roll as this is a weapon made for a large creature. Large creatures with a strength score less than 18 add their proficiency score to the damage roll, Large creatures with a strength score of 18 or higher add their strength modifier to both the attack roll and damage roll but not their proficiency score.


Large size and/or strength score of 18, Cannot be Small or Tiny

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