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Chains of Hell: These chains are a one-handed weapon, that deals 4d8 bludgeoning damage. They are said to be forged in the fires of Hell itself. Each chain is a +5 Vorpal Keen weapon. Because of their hellish nature they also deal an additional 2d6 of Hellfire damage and have a critical 16-20/2. The chains are black in color because of the Void Metal that was used to create them. When a chain is held in each hand the wielder automatically gains Greater Weapon Proficiency with Spiked Chains, and the Perfect Two Weapon Fighting Feat. The Chains of Hell are soulbound to their owner and cannot be dropped because of disarming. When not in use they wrap themselves around their owner and move like snakes over his body giving him a +4 to AC. The Chains themselves are evil and constantly beg their owner to let them kill. They can speak with whomever wields them telepathically and will obey any command given by the wielder. Only evil characters can wield the Chains of Hell. If a person of any other alignment tries to use the Chains of Hell, the chains wrap around them and constrict until the person is dead. A Reflex Save DC 30 is needed to escape.

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->; ; Market Price: 1000 gp

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