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Casuality's holy symbol


Forgotten Deity

Greater Deity
Symbol: Any infinity loop.
Home Plane: None
Alignment: True neutral.
Portfolio: Causality simply insures that reality continues to operate; she has no strict portfolio.
Clergy Alignments:
Domains: None.
Favored Weapon: None

Causality, like The Lady, has complete control over her appearance, which is currently that of a young woman. Her eyes are golden, and her iris seems to be made of thread. Having been long forgotten, Causality has no worshipers.


Clergy and Temples[edit]


Causality, in direct contrast to her brother, Fate, is cheerful, and makes sure that her brother's works continue to function after he has shifted his attention elsewhere. She thinks her brother is far too severe, and has a sister-like relationship with the Lady. She secretly hopes that some of the carefree personality that The Lady possesses will rub off on Fate, but so far no luck


Causality was created to administrate to her brother's work. She has since picked up a personality (A wager with The Lady), and now takes time to try to lighten her brother's endless severity

DMs Note[edit]

Causality was introduces during the Ambrosia of the Gods quests as one of the forgotten pantheon.

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