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Ring, very rare (requires attunement)

This ring, featuring the face of a cat, is often used by rogueish types, but care must be used so you don't lose your mind to the ring. The more you use it, the more catlike you become.

When you first wear this ring, your Dexterity score is set to 15, and you gain 30 feet of darkvision if you didn't already have it. If your Dexterity score is higher than 15, you keep the higher score. As you wear it, more bonuses and disadvantages come. Each week, you gain a "Bond" level that causes new features to be obtained.

Week 1: You grow a pair of cat ears that don't give any bonuses. You have the suppressible urge to hunt small creatures you see. You also gain increased agility and become proficient in Stealth and Acrobatics if you did not already have proficiency here. Your Dexterity score can now be set to 17.

Week 2: You grow a tail. You now have advantage on Acrobatics checks to remain balanced. You also meow sometimes, and purr when contented. Your Dexterity score can now be set to 19.

Week 3: Your legs become stronger, increasing your standing and running leap distances by 10 feet, and your vertical jump height by 5 feet. When you reach 3 levels or more of exhaustion, you have the Intelligence score and behavior of a cat until you regain these lost exhaustion levels. You grow a pair of fangs, giving you a bite attack that deals 1d4 piercing damage. If you fail all your death saving throw, you are instead healed to full health. However, when this happens the ring loses its enchantment and you are permanently polymorphed into a cat. This polymorph can only be removed be cured with the remove curse or dispel magic spell cast at a 7th level spell slot or higher. Your Dexterity score can now be set to 21.

If you remove the ring, you immediately lose all bonuses, but all changes to appearance and behaviour remain. These effects wear off week after week in reverse order.


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