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Cartoon Plane[edit]

This is a realm which was originally created as a Fictional Realm through the collaborative efforts of various cartoon makers of the 1930's, 40's, and 50's. As such, it is a rather chaotic realm, consisting of three subplanes: the Warnerian, the Disneyian, and the Texaveryian. The Texaveryian subplane is the most chaotic and outlandish of the three subplanes, rather akin to a Hell-realm. Here, the laws of Newtonian physics have simply given up on having any effect and fled to other realms. The Warnerian subplane is somewhat less chaotic, but here, too, physics as we know them have taken a holiday. The Disneyian subplane is the tamest of the three, a sort of Heaven-realm. Here, creatures are more likely to break out in song than anything.

Classic D&D devices such as the Portable Hole and the Bag of Holding are theorized to have originated here, having been removed by an unscrupulous planeswalker who then claimed to have invented them himself.

Economic/Governmental Structure[edit]

The socioeconomic structure of all areas of the Cartoon Plane are a sort of exaggeration of the United States of the '30's, '40's, and '50's, as this is when the plane's existence was finalized. Crime is virtually nonexistent, as only Losers break the law. So, too, poverty seems to strike only Losers (hence their turning to crime). However, with extremely rare exceptions, no one actually dies in this realm.

Plane Traits[edit]

The laws of Cartoon Physics are variable, and apply differently to everyone, depending upon their personality type (see above types).

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Gravity is a law studied in school. As all laws in the Cartoon Realm, those ignorant of it are unaffected until informed of its existence. Winner characters have the additional ability of simply choosing to break this law. People who are preoccupied (i.e., reading a book, pursuing an enemy) may ignore the laws of gravity for a limited amount of time. Likewise, anyone in extreme pain or terror may leap straight into the air without regard to gravity. In addition, it is a proven fact that on the Cartoon Plane, any object dropped descends slower than a being running down a hill or a flight of stairs in order to try and catch it. (See Rates of Movement.)
  • Time:Time moves forward in the Cartoon Plane, but its passage depends largely upon who is observing it and their state of mind. For example, a Loser on a deadline will experience a rapid acceleration of the timeline, whereas that same Loser, when waiting for something to happen, will discover time to be greatly slowed. Time passes for Winners exactly as they desire.
  • Size:The Cartoon Plane has never been measured, but it is speculated that its size varies with time (sometimes throughout a day).

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: The element of Fire would seem to have dominance, as everything in the Cartoon Plane is hyperactive and unpredictable.
  • Energy Dominance: As the Cartoon Plane is chaotic and changeable in nature, Chaotic energy dominates everything.
  • Alignment Trait: The general alignment of the Cartoon Plane is Chaotic Good as, while anything can happen, misdeeds are always punished by the perpetrator's own Loser nature.
  • Magic Trait: Magic has a strange effect in the Cartoon Plane. More than anywhere else in the multiverse, the name of the spell cast determines its effect in a very literal sense. Even if successful (and not taken literally), spells are exaggerated to a comic degree. Against Losers, magic always works. Against Winners, the DM rolls a D6 to determine the outcome as follows:
Roll Result
1-2 Spell backfires and hits the caster (death effects and injury are ignored)
3 Target dodges the spell
4 Target "captures" the spell in a comedic fashion (i.e., using a bullfighter's cape, trapdoor, etc.)
5 A random Loser rushes in at the last moment and takes the spell's effect (again, death and injury are ignored)
6 The spell fizzles

Plane Links[edit]

The only known links to the Cartoon Plane are magical rings specially made for this purpose. These are generally made by unscrupulous mages who wish to irritate people.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

In all three subplanes, there are three classes of beings: Winners, Losers, and In-Betweeners. Winners always come out on top of any situation, no matter what. (There being no record of a Winner challenging another Winner, no one knows what would happen.) Losers are kicked around the Cartoon Plane like old tin cans. They can't catch a break to save their lives. However, their personalities being what they are, they find it impossible to gain any sympathy. In-Betweeners win against Losers, and lose against Winners.

All creatures on the Cartoon Plane, from humans to elephants to fleas, are capable of intelligent speech, and fall into one of the three above categories. Creatures visiting the Cartoon Plane are categorized as above, using their Charisma, Speed, and Con to determine their status.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Rates of movement are ignored on the Cartoon Plane. With a few exceptions (turtles, roadrunners, etc.) no one is limited to a specific rate of movement. Fear is especially motivational, and characters in a panic are capable of taking off at a rate of 80 feet per round from a dead stop.

Features of the Plane[edit]

The Cartoon Plane is as richly varied in its landscapes as the human imagination, and at times contains multiple planets, each with its own unique and strange people (though they all still fit the three basic categories).

Alternate Variances[edit]




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