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Cambions are a hybrid of human and demon. They usually try to either hide their demonic heritage, or they revel in the power it gives them.


The majority of cambions are evil, cruel and destructive, although some break this trend.

Physical Description[edit]

Cambions stand over six feet in height and usually weigh over two hundred lb, with females being decidedly lighter and shorter then males. They are darkly beautiful, and have ebony, gray, blue, or red skin, any hair or eye color, and small horns. Some cambions have additional demonic features, such as a tail or cloven hooves.


Cambions are hated, feared, and mistrusted by most races. The only races who are willing to accept cambions are the unpredictable elves, the equally mistrusted changelings, the disgraced fallen, and the ambivalent golems.


Most cambions are evil.


Cambions have no lands of their own, but live mostly in Jacinth and Albion Proper.


Cambions often have no religion of their own. If they follow another religion, they usually worship an evil god. No good deity will accept cambions into their fold.


Cambions speak Jacinthian and Albionian.

Racial Traits[edit]

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