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Call Out

Prerequisites: Charisma 13
As an action, you may attempt to challenge an enemy to a duel. Make either a performance or an intimidation check against a DC equal to the target's Wisdom score + their number of hit dice. The target must be a humanoid with an Intelligence score of at least 6, and must also be able to see or hear you. On a failure, the target has disadvantage on attack rolls against anyone but you, and must succeed on a Wisdom check (against a DC equal to 10 + your performance or intimidation bonus) each time they wish to perform a harmful action towards anyone but you. The same restrictions apply to you, but you use the target's performance or intimidation bonus (their choice) for the DC of the check to perform a harmful action towards anyone but the target. This effect ends after a number of rounds equal to your performance or intimidation bonus (minimum 1).

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