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Bully Vendetta[edit]

You will not stand for bullying.
Prerequisite: You cannot kill without reason, may not take killing flaws, and you must NEVER bully another character or NPC or attempt an Intimidate Check.
Effect: You cannot kill without reason, no killing flaws, and you must NEVER bully another character or NPC, intimidate checks of all kind are off limits. You were bullied all your life, and, now, you have the power to stop them.

But you go too far and often overreact to bullying. If you notice an NPC bullying some living thing, person, animal, etc., your status towards them becomes hostile. If a PC bullies some living thing, you become unfriendly and immediately attempt to stop them.

Understand you HATE all bullying and cannot stand seeing someone overpower someone weaker than them. This means that you are just as likely to come to the aid of an evil being as a good, as long as they are not your enemy. You may attempt to ignore an instance of bullying with a Will Save DC 15 plus 1/2 your hit dice; however, you cannot ignore two instances of bullying that are within an hour of each other, even if they are unrelated. Ignoring an act of bullying puts you in a really bad mood. You suffer a -2 penalty on diplomacy, sense motive, and bluff checks. Also, you are considered distracted. These negatives stay in place until you do something about the bullying or stop another act of bullying.
Roleplaying Ideas: For example, you find yourself at the business end of the guard's long sword. Maybe slapping him because he bullied the recently captured thief may not have been the best idea. You see a paladin about to strike down an evil cleric, but before he does so, he pushes the cleric to the ground and kicks him onto his back. The paladin, now cursing your name, is doing everything he can to regain his sight and attack you. Your blinding color surge did the trick.

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