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Potion, Uncommon

Bullfairy Nut Powder is instantly recognizable for its pink hue. It is made from nuts harvested by Bullfairies. It has magical properties when ground into powder, and small quantities of it are used as an ingredient in pastries to give them an incredibly light texture and a sweet and nutty taste.

In larger quantities, however, it acts as a magical stimulant. When consumed (or snorted, as is more popular), it causes the consumer to regain up to 3 levels worth of spell slots. However, they become prone to hallucinations, and their magic becomes fairly chaotic. Whenever the consumer casts a spell, they must roll on a d10. If the result is 3 or lower, they must roll on the Magical Mishap table (see below). This effect lasts for 10 hours.

Addiction: Whenever you consume this potion, you must make a constitution save with a DC of 10, increasing by 2 every time you consume it. The DC resets if you do not take the drug for a month. If you fail, you become addicted and suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you do not drink the potion for a week. While suffering from Bullfairy Nut Powder withdrawal, your Wisdom and Intelligence scores are reduced by 2 each, though neither can fall below 8 in this way. The addiction can be cured after a month without taking it, or with a cast of greater restoration.

Magical Mishaps
1 The spell you cast targets you instead.
2 The spell's effect becomes an illusion with no effect beyond any visuals it has.
3 A backlash of magic causes your hair to stand up on end, and permanently change to a random color.
4 The damage of the spell becomes a random damage type other than the damage it would normally deal, if applicable.
5 The spell fails to cast. You do not consume a spell slot.
6 Any effect or damage the spell has is halved, if applicable.
7 Charged lightning flies from your location, forcing you to make a ranged spell attacks against 3 random targets within 30 ft for 1d6 lightning damage each.
8 You are randomly affected by either enlarge/reduce for 1 minute.
9 After the spell's effect takes place, you swap locations with the target if it's a creature.
10 You and the target are knocked prone.
11 You forget all languages you know for 1 minute.
12 All spells you cast force you to roll on the Magical Mishap table for 1 minute.
13 The creature affected by the spell must make a Strength saving throw or be launched backwards 20 feet.
14 You gain a flight speed of 30 ft for 1 minute, or your existing flight speed is increased by 15 ft.
15 One of your lowest level available spell slots is consumed, but the spell you cast is treated as being cast one spell level higher.
16 The spell's area doubles in all dimensions, if applicable.
17 You gain 10 temporary hit points that last for 1 minute.
18 You are affected by the invisibility spell for 1 minute.
19 The spell's effect and damage is doubled, if applicable.
20 The spell you cast does not consume a spell slot

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